One must look into the mirror before making judgments. In order to have an unbiased mindset, the Hermit chooses seclusion. In spite of the fear of world separation, this looks into the future with a bright understanding of his self – the decisions he will be making, the actions that he will be taking. This self-isolation may be a troublesome undertaking for other personalities but the Hermit stands proud and bold in stating his selfless transaction with the inner self.

 The Hermit, often represented as an old person in a dim cave carrying a lantern, devours all selfish thoughts and actions. The darkness that surrounds him is the void, the empty shell of his former self. There are a lot of things yet to be discovered and along that line is defining one’s true self. In order to follow a strong path of enlightenment, one must need a light. The “lantern” supplied that needed light, in addition to the warmth it brought too. In facing obstacles, the Hermit creates his own solution. The discovery of his true inner goals and ambitions makes him quite suitable in solitary living.

The Hermit has a lot of valuable attributes:tarot hermit arcanaCredit: jules

  1. Wisdom – The instance the Hermit decides on something, it is that time that he already discovered a way to pass throughout any problems in ideation. In order to conquer external troubles, the Hermit trusts his inner passion to let his own divine instinct to guide him.
  2. Introspection – Judgment is only proper to the self. In the words of the Hermit, nobody has the right to judge others unless he judged himself first. It thus takes a lot of effort and courage to see one’s own view and thinking. For the Hermit, this courage is then developed to a strong will and outstanding bravado to forge a beautiful relationship with the future.
  3. Seclusion – This tells us about the time the Hermit needs to do self-discovery. In order to create that self-measured wisdom and deep introspection, isolating one’s self from the external world, like living in a cave, to conduct meditation and brief jury self-actions is a grave necessity.
  4.  Refuge – In seeking the right path, one must be able where to turn back. The Hermit admits that he is not perfect and to muster up the courage needed to take the first step in the brand new path, he needs to find a place or a being where he belongs. That object of refuge is a sanctuary for him to rely on when in the verge of temptation and aggression.
  5.  Way of Life – The quest of self-discovery is endless. In order to prove one life point, you need to clear similar sub-points. The premises of formulating philosophical journeys need to be fulfilled by self-immersion and heightened creative spirit.