The Hierophant

A full understanding and complete perception of a given situation is what the Hierophant arcana is all about. He is able to fully grasp any scenarios from what caused it to the many possibilities it might lead into. Though he might be thought to be as the embodiment of wisdom, his inert principle tend to put him into a man of inaction. The Hierophant is meant to deliver this understanding to his companions and not for his own disclosure.

It is a grave chance for the Hierophant to not set up a plan to develop his definitions and wisdom into a suitable amount of solutions for a certain obstacle. It might be because of his constructive effort to generally create a chance for others to interact with him in order to have a mutual relationship. Definitely, the Hierophant is an individual needed in almost any situations. The possibilities though limitless to a common person can be easily discerned by this arcana. The resolution of the Hierophant to guide his companions is also his personal pinnacle.

It seems that this characteristic of the Hierophant to fully use his gift of understanding is somehow a godlike ability. Naturally though it only serves as a neutral facility for him to think without acting. Other qualities arise from this:

  1. Figure of learning – Being the man of comprehension, the Hierophant serves as the manifestation of thought. He guides but not leads. He teaches but not directs. He interprets but not explains. A being most trusted by the gods, he is the sole instrument to lead his companions to triumph.
  2. Authority – Without any hints of forceful ruling, the guidance showered by the Hierophant to his companions is the authority needed by the group to move on. With his understanding of all situations happening around them, the ruling ability of the Hierophant is heightened. With wisdom as his lamp, he leads his companions outside the tunnel of ignorance.
  3. Conventional Submission – The Hierophant believes that the present and future are the new forms of the past. In able to learn from one’s history, he continues to live on with full compliance to the traditions and culture he practiced.
  4. Divination – As the only individual with the closest relationship to the gods, the Hierophant established a reputation of conveying the words of the Almighty. The capacity of the individual to read his surroundings well is a prerequisite for the Hierophant to accurately deliver cryptic principles. By interpreting signs and divine manifestations, the Hierophant is destined to be a celestial conductor.

Being both a divine follower and magnificent director, the Hierophant is certainly an individual of fulfilled potential. In order to offer the necessary guidance by his companions, this person will decipher the necessary plans of action laid out to them by the Divine.