The Justice

This individual is the truth seeker. She does not get easily clouded by outside opinions and judgment. The Justice arcana has a powerful principle of initiating a quest to turn disbelief into reality. She will not stop from attaining the right answers and solutions to the problems presented to her by life. She will keep on siding up with the minority of a group. Once she finds out something is not right, she will find a way to prove the empty side of reason. Nobody can match the personality of the Justice when it comes to persistence and perseverance.

The values of the Justice are on a different level. There is a strict compliance to the conventional practices. She derives every decision she makes from past experiences of her companions. The relationship established with the minority is more important to her than maintaining the false interactions with the greatest. In order for her to increase the necessary connections, she will prove her point to neutral parties and let her pride do the rest.

The attributes of the Justice maintains a magnificent allegory of the following:

  1. Righteousness – Representing a virtue, the Justice is creating decisions based on morality per se. She tends to deal everything out of pure impartiality from solving minor struggles to unravelling bigger mysteries. That being said, she always stands out in any conflicts as the mediator.  
  2. Objectivity – in search for truth, the Justice hands out her neutrality to different issues. She never shows bias upon making decisions for the group, no matter how hard it is for her. Her principles are sharper than others and that is why she is the most trusted one. Her independence also tends to put her in situations as the jury of conflict.
  3. Reason – Often portrayed as a woman having a sword and balance, she shows rationality in her decision-making skills. It is the truth that plays a role in her thinking. The Justice will not make haste judgments after all the clear parts are present.
  4. Verification – She seeks guidance and counsel from the wise members of her connections. She will not let any false reports pass through her. She uses her sharp mind and strong will in passing judgment to those who performed false acts right before her eyes.

The Justice is a powerful individual, creating an aura of strict principle in decision-making. Her outstanding will to seek the truth by herself through proper guidance is an excellent way to put her values into action. At full certainty, the Justice will meet the true path to ambitions even with a thick cloud of utter suspicions and delusions.