The Lovers(68426)

There are certain individuals with few issues in making decisions for themselves. This is what the Lovers arcana represents. In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts or arguments with certain individuals, the Lovers are able to create a romantic atmosphere earning respect and admiration. The miracle of love plays a role in governing stable yet strong relationships formed by this arcana. At a certain point in life, the Lovers will also tend to choose the right path towards abundance and fertility.

An individual of the Lovers attribute portray a most trustworthy comrade. Every time the group reaches a point wherein they need to make important decisions, the Lovers will arise and confide her inner thoughts and feelings regarding the matter. She may almost seem deciding based solely on her emotions but nonetheless, it is the most important cause for her since it is the also the only reason she’s with them at the first place. Naturally, the Lovers first follow her inner self. But being a selfless individual, she will tend to go with what the group’s consensus. Thus, it is the reason she always poses a passionate and romantic aura among her companions.

Her supporting role in any decision-making activities is vital for the emotional aspect of the group. If pure knowledge will be the only basis then, it is sure that the Lovers will react and show some assertiveness. In short, companionship and interpersonal relationships is the prime feature of the Lovers’ attributes. Such follows:

  1. Affection – As emotions play a big role in the personality of this individual, the Lovers tend to show it as much as possible. This is not just for some superficial exposure but to actually deepen the bonds with her companions. There are times that the atmosphere produced by this quality is too much but the Lovers will not leave any opportunities given to her to improve her social standing. 
  2. Tolerance – Being an open-minded individual, the Lovers practice patience as she awaits the decision made by the group. Some might think that she’s just going with the flow but actually, she is too considerate with her relationships. She is also sensitive with the feelings of others that they find it too invasive sometimes.
  3. Indecisiveness – When alone, the Lovers has no group decisions to wait for. Thus, this is the time that she faces her greatest fear, deciding for herself. She then seeks guidance from others, trying to form small teams at the back of her mind. With that, she is now calm enough to deliberate within herself the decision she will be making based on the opinions of others.  
  4. Negotiation – When faced with the heat of an argument, the Lovers never backs down. She always looks for ways to solve the conflict in a peaceful manner, if possible. The fear of losing the relationship established between the two parties is her motivation to single out the problem sooner to prevent it from escalating.

An emotional appeal for such personality is the Lovers’ greatest advantage in life. The bridges she connected during her lifetime will be her asset in deciding to a better future. The romantic and tender aura emanating from this individual is like a small flower with a very divine scent.