The MagicianCredit:

If you ever encounter this arcana to represent your everyday life, always remember that there is a chance for you to develop and garner something new that can aid you. This may not speak of just any material inclination. The scope of this arcana is far greater than one can imagine.

The Magician is a man of tricks. He can show you something unreal. He puts a lot of show and prowess that fools get easily tricked. This arcana represents the world of unusual. The magnificent and spectacular performance of a person with this arcana grants him the chance to develop skills more easily and earn more experience than anyone.

This arcana possesses the individual with certain qualities:

  1. Being of action – Undeniably, the Magician never remains static. He always seeks challenges and adventures that can put his skill into the test and prove to anyone that he can adapt effectively to any situations.
  2. Ingenuity – As stated before, the Magician is so adept that he can think of plans and decisions quickly that can disrupt the destructive force way long before it reaches his vicinity.
  3. Self-confidence – With his high-profile skills and proficient adaptation, any new experiences presented to him will be like a walk in the park. In order to fool the situation, he faces it with full strength knowing that he will definitely succeed in the end. He charges in with everything he’s got even when the scenario is already dire.
  4. Manipulation – The power of trickery then plays a role. The Magician is able to take full control of any situation and create a brand new experience from it. His great manoeuvring of any position tends to make others put him into the frontline every time they’re facing trouble.
  5. Talent – With an increasing capacity to learn, there is no endpoint for the Magician to stop and think. Having the ability to easily harness talents and abilities, it is like he’s already acting instinctively in anything he performs.

The Magician is a noble arcana often associated with the fire element. They are similar in a way of finding the path to multiply quickly in a short period of time. The Magician’s wittiness in harnessing talents, experiences and skills definitely raises his determination to succeed in every challenges imposed to him by life. A strong will backed by confidence in his talents will definitely put this individual to the top of his game in the near future.