Every person is bounded to the earth. The Moon reminds us of the things that we are carrying throughout life. Eventually, the end that waits at the end of our journey will welcome us to the bitter fate. This individual conveys how much time we have left here in the earthly realm, and that we shall be able to form uplifting experiences before we reach the deadline.

A being associated with the supernatural, the energy that the Moon has in his spiritual body can be exposed to the material world as a magic ball of oddities. There are so many things in this world that can’t be explained by mere words and naked beliefs. This person concludes that every interaction, every relationship built above the earth witness provides a magnificent aurora of connection. The psychic flow of every social contact invites this person to join. A very mysterious being, the Moon knows the right timing of every action in any given situation, as if he’s connected to everything. His sharp senses and outstanding recognition gives his companions the adjusted relief of trusting everything to this individual.

Associated with two canines howling at the moon, surrounding a pool with a lobster and two highmoon tarot major arcanaCredit: jules towers at the horizon, the Moon is the closest creäture to divine mind and matter. He is one with the heavens and the earth. His odd attributes can be traced from the demonstrated qualities in his interactions:

  1. Inspirations – This individual provides his companions the ease to follow their ladders to success. He believes that everyone has the equal right to use him as a life associate. He creates a magnificent chance to build a personal and yet a conventional partnership. He looks into everything like a creäture of wisdom, utilizing the fantastic senses granted to him by the gods.
  2. Ambition – This particular attribute does not concern the Moon himself. The ambition of his relatives is the one this person targets. In order to fulfil the necessary conditions to reach that dream, the Moon creates a marvel of actions. He traces the ability of each individual concerned and from that, he lays out a less difficult path.
  3. Lunacy – Every action of the Moon is definitely peculiar. When an external observer may point it as an abnormal behaviour, the Moon does not care about that at all. His strange yet extraordinary performance in any challenges is definitely a result of his keen sense and world mastery.
  4. Illusion and Imagination – The ability of the Moon to fool the naked truth is his way to warn others about how they take everything for granted. This being believes that those people who can’t differentiate realism and illusion will not ever set up a long-lasting relationship with him. His personality may be eccentric, but in the end, it is for a mutual benefit.