The Priestess

Even in pure silence, noise can exist. This is what the Priestess arcana is all about. Most people represented by this arcana tend to be quiet and restful at first. Later on, they will produce magnificent outcomes. The journey of the Priestess starts with the calm and will definitely end it with a tremendous impact comparable to a storm passing by.

The Priestess in calm is characterized as a faithful being. The person tends to pursue complete silence as much as possible. One might strive for peace and never make outstanding appearances as much as possible. That person will always seem in the background of anything out of the ordinary. But be warned when they reach a certain threshold, the calm will definitely cease to exist.

Represented by an old woman with a closed tome, the Priestess represents the pursuit of knowledge in stillness. The symbol of untouched wisdom is well portrayed. Aside from this, the Priestess has other attributes:

  1. Hidden potential – Since the Priestess begets unused wisdom, it is certain that she also possessed other abilities that might have grown out of that knowledge roots. The reason that such strong impact is induced when the Priestess’ silence falls back lies on this unexposed potential.
  2. Femininity – The Priestess is not representing biased actions to the female mysteries. By femininity, one means that certain actions are performed in consideration of sensitivity and compassion. The presence of the Priestess brings about a supportive atmosphere. The healing aura grants the other people surrounding the Priestess a striking will to move on.
  3.  Enchantment – Having the Priestess as a supportive character, it does not mean that she is always at the back scene. Many will think of the Priestess as a mysterious being. A magical creature full of surprises and breathtaking charm.
  4. Astuteness – This quality of the Priestess always pose as a threat to other arcana personalities. She only makes decision when the time is right. Even though most of the time she only takes the healing role, her sharpness is definitely needed especially when answering danger for her companions. The untapped wisdom converts to an overcoming judgment that can surely put the hammer down to any challenges presented to her.

No matter what situation is presented to the Priestess, her sharpness in the midst of silence will create a supportive environment. This then may increase the morale of her relations and prove to the world that hidden abilities are absolutely worth noting for. The whisper of healing from the Priestess can change to a strong wave, depending on the impact it may produce from the next chain of that individual’s influences.