A being of gentle dominance, the Strength is personifying a person’s capacity to tame the wildness of life. Calm domination is the key of this person to conquer her enemies and dissolve young troubles. In order to meet ambition, this person races with time by conserving her energy in dealing with minute obstacles.

The Strength deals with everything with little power as much as possible. True power does not lie with vulgar provocation of force but with the soothing release of vigour. On the other hand, the object of dominion needs to be used right away to gain the responsibility of cultivating it for future employment.

The Strength, portrayed by a young woman taming a wild beast, creates the magnificent and outstanding scenery of brute versus splendour. In order for her to soothe the terrifying object, the person will prove creative strategies to influence not the object itself, but the power to be used. She converts that tremendous and overflowing amount of energetic force into a recognizable form out of the individual’s desire. The unleashed creation of power will then touch the object and the Strength will let the process continue until the beast of domination subdues. Eventually, the gradual increase of command will cover the object and the Strength will claim her price of the confrontation.strength tarot major arcanaCredit: jules

 The Strength shows her different sides by the attributes she emits during active periods:

  1. Self-control – The Strength, unlike any physical persona, is able to prove dominion not only to any objects of want but also to one’s self. This ability prevents her from achieving self-destruction. In order for her to be successful in manoeuvring the various decisions and undertakings, she must be able to create a chance to say.  
  2. Tranquillity – The pacified measures performed by the Strength is a visual encryption of how she is able to control her inner power. The magnificence of her strength is not with her power alone, but the strength to control that power. In her process of self-reflection, this person is able to transcend a heavenly state so that she can be enlightened with the future she seeks.
  3. Bravery – With the force she carries around her life’s journey, she uses it not only to dominate or conquer obstacles. The Strength also uses it to endure quick torments and inevitable distress. The courage she mustered up until that time is definitely needed to decide the right timing to step down the tolerance ladder and face the problem upfront.
  4. Merit over brute power – The beauty of Strength dominates the ugliness of brutes. The zeal of the Strength to control her force stands out as the art of divine creation. Strong determination is needed by the Strength to waver out the chance of any misinterpretation of the situation. Overpowering the forceful object with both remarkable and creative form of strength is the key to subjugation of any life conquest for the Strength being.