A penitential representation of divine warmth, the Sun radiates its existence to his companions by making them feel the motion of every happenings. This person is a restless person when it comes to providing aid and accompaniment to people who greatly needs him. A strong being with a great will for accomplishment, the Sun is definitely the last person any company needs to succeed in their target dream.

The best is executed by this person through assisting and giving. Any companions of the Sun will certainly approve the fact that he is one of a kind. Represented by two offspring holding hands under a glowing sun, this person will not quit in any tasks assigned to him. The beauty of his actions is well exemplified by his persistence to do everything to the utmost capacity. It is very important to him to show to his relatives that he is the reliable type. The constant perseverance shown by the Sun definitely earns him the chance to improve every little thing of his tasks.

 A man of great potential for improvement, the Sun glares at the heated situation with his burning qualities:sun tarot major arcanaCredit: jules

  1. Happiness – This is an initial process the Sun undertakes when accepting the assigned responsibilities. He never shows any signs of exhaustion as he continues to ignite his ability to move on and carry out the activities entrusted to him. The true intention of his performance is based on the outstanding loyalty he shows within the group. He exhibits great promise in his work and will learn everything that’s needed to be learnt. Along the hardships of his stagnant travel, he will discover that the relationships he created were founded on the effort he exerted to keep up and improve them.  
  2. Energy – Without a sense of fatigue, the Sun blazes across the life’s battlefield with only one thing in mind: to give the greatest ability for the proper task. His lack of self-decision is greatly compensated by his endless source of power as it may seem that every task he performs is full of vigour and liveliness.
  3. Sanguinity – Being able to see the productive outcome, the Sun shows a powerful sign of optimism throughout. He’s easygoing attitude may be a downfall at first, but in the end, his strong will and belief towards achieving success was correct apparently. He doesn’t have a hint of doubt in every decision his companions make. The trust that he initially have with his relatives is also the same amount of trust he gives to any reliable strangers incredibly. 
  4. Feat – The creäture of formidable glory, the Sun demonstrates magnificent inputs in every achievement of his relationships. He creates an outstanding background for reliance and at the same time, the radiant triumph is not only for his own discord. He believes that everything should be shared, like the light the Sun radiates to his world of dim.