Often associated with the fate of the Tower of Babel, this person surpasses insignificant pride and temporary glory. A bright allegory of any individual’s downfall after reaching success, the Tower is a being of arrogance and conceit. He is able to show that humility is only a subject of weakness. He does not care about the capacities of other people to surpass him. He believes that his actions and decisions will always be the make or break of any situations. Unaware of the terrible future ahead of him, the Tower will leave no signs of gratification or honour to the people who aided him to the top.

The Tower is represented by a single tower stricken by a strong lighting, overthrowing two small beings. It raids the idea that the person sheds his self-respect to show his ‘towering’ power and authority. It seems that this person will show no hint of inferiority as it always challenges his self to reach his ambition. The pace he goes on towards the predicted path of self-destruction is so momentary that the tremendous force awaiting him will also be immediate. No matter how hard this individual strives for success with exaggerated confidence, he will eventually attend to see his self in a downward spiral of suppression and failure.tower tarot major arcanaCredit: jules

Commonly, this person’s presence in a group defines a foreboding sense of calamity. But as long as this individual learns to trust and respect the efforts of others after hard interventions, one will be able to prevent such misery from happening. The other ironic attributes of the Tower is clear from the start of his relationship building:

  1. Magnified confidence – Unable to control his pride without the help of others, the Tower is a meek creäture of superior self-respect. This narcissistic character of the Tower is a reason to his downfall. Every time this person makes a decision for the group, he always tries to lead the way. It doesn’t matter whether his companions like his rule as long as the flow of activities goes with his decision – since he is confident with his skills and ambitions. 
  2. Prejudice – With the inability to link the opinions of the different people around him, the Tower grows a vertical relationship: always up but never expanding. He believes that the only key to success is to reach the heights of the divine. His narrow-mindedness will then be the spark of that upcoming destruction.
  3. Dictatorship – He is not easily influenced by external factors. He always follow only one being, his self. He creates a series of decisions based on his predisposition of the situation. He will not allow anybody to disrupt his plans. A mind of pure authority, the Tower is a being of awkward selfishness.