The mortal representation of the divine and magnificent creation of the gods - that is the World. This person represents entirety of life. He is a man who has achieved self-actualization. He has the capacity to decide every life’s aspects and formulate outstanding solutions to any troubling puzzles laid by fate. The destiny of this individual is definitely tied with all of its previous relationships. The tremendous trust given to this being by fate itself dictates that chance of any of his actions to turn into marvellous miracles.

This is the most difficult person to describe. The World is a creäture at the end of Fool’s Journey. He is the model of every person since their existence. Establishing a relationship with the World will definitely grant a fantastic change to one’s path towards success. He represents the last victory of any challenges and that is why the World is thought to be the end also. But such lies are beyond exaggeration of the World’s true purpose of existence. The presence of the World in any relationship is the problem itself. Any man will think of him as a threat, but any wiser person must take this as a challenge to develop and tarot major arcanaCredit: jules

The World is also an imperfect being. He only realizes that he is the symbol of everything but not the manifestation of divine perfection. The attributes of the World definitely explains it all:

  1. Totality – This individual represents the aggregation of all things simple. His complex personality will definitely aid his self in any situation, but the real thing about his qualities is that he should be able to use it to prove a better relationship with all kinds of persona. The expected outcome of his actions must be in line with his contribution to make every person feel at ease with him. The power to make miracles happen only depends with the social interactions he made with people – making the impossible possible.
  2. Gratification – The feelings of contentment and satisfaction are a very tempting scenario to look for more. With the World, one will see how much can one contain. His existence will definitely put a favour in anyone’s tab to know their limitations and decide whether to take the bait of fate. The World not only serves as a model but also a spiritual guide towards self-actualization. He reminds everyone that perfection is not attainable unless if one’s a divine origin.
  3. Harmony – The unifying property of the World is a very creative idea of the idea. His ability to fortify what has already synchronized and build a new bridge for wrecked parties is a miracle itself. Although it may seem like other qualities of any person, the World is unique in a way that he is able to do everything by himself.