I have been in Australia for four months now, and I was able to discover different things about this country, or more precisely about Tasmania.

First, for people who don't know about the location of Tasmania, this is a quite big island in the south of Australia. Moreover, this is also an Australian State, and a pride.

Tasmania is wild, beautiful, surrounded by the infinity of the ocean. The temperature is agreeable, even if during the winter it can drop until 0 celcius.In the summer, the temperature is about 28-30 degrees (average). However, people have to be careful because even if it is not so hot, the sun can become dangerous for the skin. Indeed, because of a big hole in the ozone layer, the sunburns might be the cause of dangerous skin's disease. So protect yourself!
Tasmania owns lots of wild and nice areas like some Gorges close to quite big rivers, beautiful and long beaches with no one to bother you (Bay of fire is actually declared the most beautiful one in the world), mountains, forests, and little and peaceful towns. There are also delicious fresh fruits and vegetables made by local farmers, tasty wines, and one of the better meat in Australia.
People who live here are so much proud of their State, which is understandable. As people should know, Australian citizens are very cheerful, friendly, nice and are happy to share their culture with foreigner. They are generous and interested about the different other countries in the world.
Therefore, if you like to visit Tasmania and do sightseeing, this is a great place to be, either you are 18 or 40.
However, if you are about 18, and if you like to stay there for a quite long time, you have to think about what you would like to do (hobbies, leisure...). Otherwise you could be surprised!
Tasmania is quiet, and there are only two main cities (Hobart, which is the main city, and Launceston). So whether you are used to leave in the city or close to, Tasmania is not made for you. Even most of students here say it. Of course, living in Launceston or Hobart could be all right, because there are the same entertainments as every cities in the world (cinema, shops, clubs, pubs, sport facilities...). But living around these cities is not funny when you are not used to. There is no train to connect the different towns, there are a few buses but only every two hours in average. So your only options are the taxi cab, which is too expensive, or the car (if you are allowed to drive).
To sum up, Tasmania is the place you have to visit at least once in your life, because this is so different compared to the main land, but interesting, beautiful, wild and with heaps of stuff to learn about.
Then, this is peaceful, safety (if you don't bother about spiders, snakes or sharks) and also a great place to settle when you are not so young anymore, and if you want to bring your children up.
However, if you are interested about going out with friends in the city, have fun, and you are used to live in the city, I don't advice you to spend a long time there. You would be bored and you would want to get out. Unless you would like to live a new experience in your life!
Therefore, I hope this article will help you to make a decision, even if you are the only person to make it!