My wife and I can never agree on what coffee to drink in the morning. What makes this a problem is that it is a large part of our morning routine to have our morning joe together. She likes her's flavored, while I like mine strong with no creamer or sugar.

What revolutionized the coffee world for us was when Gevalia sent us a Tassimo coffee maker for free because we had been in their coffee of the month club for a long time. The tassimo uses little packets, or T discs to brew any flavor that you could imagine, one cup at a time.


What I love about this unit is that it is incredibly easy to use. Here are the simply instructions:

Here is how you use the Tassimo:

  • Open the lid on the top of the machine. The lid will open easily exposing the area where the T disc is to be inserted.
  • Ensure that the water reservoir in the back is full of water.
  • Insert the T disc upside down. You will see where they have provided you an area where the tab on it is is intended to be seated.
  • Close the lid.
  • Place your coffee cup under the spout.
  • Push the round button and wait for your coffee to be brewed.

One after market item that greatly enhances the Tassimo is the reusable disc. This is a small disc that can be purchased, filled with your favorite coffee or tea, and then place in the same place you would put a T-disc. Then it can be emptied, washed and used again. This enables you to stop wasting so much coffee in the morning! Now it is easy and inexpensive to make one cup of coffee. 

It truly is that easy. The new coffee makers are made by the Bosch Corporation.

What really attracted me to the Tassimo is the variety of coffees and other products that are available. There is everything from coffees, teas, hot chocolate, cappuccino, latte, expresso, and even milk creamer. When my children were young they always enjoyed it when we could make hot chocolate.  In fact, the other night, my wife made me come hot chocolate. I usually am not a fan of this drink, but it was important to her that I try it so I did. she used a Sucard T Disc with the milk creamer that came with her cappuccino. This was truly the best hot chocolates I have ever had. If you don't want to use up your cappucino milk creamers, Tassimo does market some foaming milk creamers.

T discs are manufactured by several different companies such as Gevalia, Starbucks, and Maxwell House.

The Tassimo coffee maker along with about 60 varieties of T discs have been a very welcome addition to my house. Now I have a very top-end traditional coffee maker, the Keurig single cup  and the Tassimo single cup coffee maker. This all makes it very easy to stay up all night long writing articles.

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