Picnic Anyone?

With the summer months fast approaching, picnics in the park are all I can think about. There’s something about sitting on the grass and eating with the sun beaming on you.

There are many foods and drinks which could be included in your hamper, but the salad is a must. It’s light, easy and quick to make. But some salads are just down right boring. Lettuce after tomato after lettuce; there must be another way surely to make it more interesting? I’ve found some recipes to take the salad to the next level.

How many ingredients can you count?

salad picnic
Credit: [puamelia]

Buffalo Mozzarella

For just a simple adjustment, buffalo mozzarella makes a wonderful addition to any salad. The rich milk which comes from the water buffalo really livens up the salad, while a touch of basil leaves a discrete peppery taste in your mouth. Remember to seal your salad as both basil and buffalo mozzarella goes off quickly.

Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Go Hand In Hand

buffalo mazzarella and tomato
Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

A Chicken Salad With A Difference

Another favourite of mine is a mix of chicken with fresh flavours. Courgette is often forgotten in place of cucumbers; but it provides a totally different taste and texture. Avocado adds a wonderful butteryness to the salad and tarragon has that unmistakable flavour that no one can quite put their finger on! Chop some peppers to add more bite and colour.

Grab Your Courgettes!

Credit: Andrea Black (Lacuna)

The Caesar Salad With A Twist

The Caesar salad is the king of all salads. By itself it’s great because the different ingredients work well together; especially with a drizzle of olive oil on the top. White anchovies are a great addition. White anchovies differ from regular ones because they are salted and soaked in vinegar. The resulting effect is a plump fillet with a much more subtle taste to regular anchovies. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese never goes a miss on a salad while chopped bacon provides more crunch together with the croutons.

Hate Anchovies? Try White Anchovies Instead

White anchovies
Credit: Edsel L

Why not try some of these yourself? Or have the experts show you how it should be done. All of these salads can be found at Malmaison who have restaurants in Liverpool, London and Glasgow to name a few in the UK.

A Salad With A Spicy Kick

For something a little different that really gets the taste buds tingling is a Vietnamese chicken salad. Instead of using the customary lettuce base, try some cabbage as an alternative. But what really makes this salad stand is the ginger sauce. The garlic, fish sauce and rice vinegar mixture make it flavoursome while the red chillies give it a spicy after kick – something not normally associated with the humble salad.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad
Credit: Matt Ryall