Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a Facebook flash game, but it has an app in both Apple itunes and Google Play stores. Developed by and provided free but sometimes you would be required to watch and advertisement from the sponsor. The game also provides extra tools that would need payment in cash or Facebook credits for those who are having troubles.

How to play: switch candies and connect three or more similar colored candies horizontally or vertically to erase them out of the picture (typically called a match-3-puzzler). There are two objectives: one is to achieve a target score, while the other varies. From trying to meet the target in a set time or moves to clearing jellies, the game increases in difficulties as you progress along the map. Sometimes, there are obstacles such as chocolate blocks that cover up your candies and preventing you from winning the game or blocks that require two successive removal of adjacent candies to free. 

It is more challenging that Bejeweled, and more rewarding as you move from level to level. I was ecstatic when I managed to pass a particular level after trying more than five days (and countless times) to clear the jelly off. There are boosters to make it easier, tools to swap candies or eat off those annoying chocolate blocks and extra moves. For most people, if you are like me, completing the level with the given set of moves is very satisfying; even though infuriating sometimes.

The game's design is vibrant and there is a not so important story line. Tiffi the little girl travels around Candy Land and meets weird and wonderful characters in trouble. After completing ten or so challenges, you will end up at a stop that demands tickets from three friends for you to advance to a new episode. You can also return to the previous levels to up your score in the high scoring ladder, but often the sweet anticipation of the next challenge is too good to pass up.

As you go along, you will unlock more boosters that are relevant to the episode, and the tools available for you to purchase varies. For a start, the game lets you try your newly unlocked boosters to give you a taste of the promised help. When you are frustrated at a level, the pop up will entice you to buy a booster to help you, but it does not guarantee a win...

Why is it addictive? Compared to other similar matching puzzles, Candy Crush Saga has a larger amount of hard challenges. It makes it just out of reach so you strive even harder to beat the level. I am always frustrated at not being able to get the last jelly, it drives me mad! But, when I do win, victory is sweet indeed. Plus, the beautiful colors of the candies make me full by just looking at it.

Two things that separates the tablet application and playing via Facebook: the extra move gift is only accessible in Facebook, and you can keep your extra lives until you need it when you use the tablet. So, if you have extra lives given to you by friends, it is better to finish them using the tablet before heading to your computer's Facebook page for more sweet action.

Candy Crush Map

candy crush
Credit: From my Ipad

Target, booster and ranking

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Credit: from my ipad