You must admit that when you're on vacation things can get a little out of hand, a little wild. If you're lucky enough to wake up from a night of excess, then you're unlucky enough to look down and see the faint outline of, yes, (another) tattoo. Tattooing is an art form found throughout many histories, countries and cultures throughout the world. The accidental rubbing of wood ash on an open wound probably left a healed gray-black design—the first tattoos were born.

At present, sailors, inmates and circus performers to Wall Street execs, teachers and police offers can all get inked. Likewise, North and South Americans, Polynesians, Africans, Indonesians, Russians and Europeans all go under the needle to receive, as some say, "a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling." Here's how to get your very own artistic rendering "under your skin" in some of the best parlors in the world.

Paris, France: I know, enough about Paris. It's always Paris this and Paris that. Before you go postal, however, know that this tattoo parlor has been internationally recognized as one of the European hotspots to get a one of a kind tatouage. The Kustom Tattoo shop is on Republique Avenue and is small but professional. Niko, a tattoo artist in Kustom, says that fifty percent of people don't know what they want. "We work together, we learn from one another and we try to create something unique." Maybe Kustom Tattoo is not a place to visit when under any substances. Niko might mistake your burbling for the wrong name of a current lover.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: If you want to remember a holiday forever, why not get a tramp stamp to back up your stories the next time you visit the bar back home? Tattoo Peter can dip his syringe under your skin for a few Euros. If you've ever wanted the "traditional" tattoo, say of pinups, anchors, navy symbols or ships, then the creators at Peters can hook you up. This is sort of a manly shop, but women are welcome just the same. "Yep, back in the war we got these here tattoos to commemorate our fallen buddies" "What war? You're only nineteen?" Try to be more creative.

Yokohama, Japan: If you want to get inked in one of the most classic of ways, then you should wait for a trip to Japan. The tattoo parlor Hiriyoshi III was named the best tattoo shops in the orient by Time Magazine in 2005. That's right, the sensei of the syringe, Yoshihito Nakano charges an arm and a leg (well, he'll charge you for an arm or a leg) for his inked works of body art. He does not use electric needles and will only stick to a number of designs for which he was trained. You may not get something totally unique, but you will get something of the best in Asia.

Malta: The Tat Shack in Malta has received numerous awards for creativity. They not only do tattooing but also will pierce you for a nominal fee. The artist Deano and Ghiller have won awards for their tattoo renderings. If you aren't one for going under the needle or hole puncher, then you can browse through their shop on land or virtually to buy cool commodities. Body art is a great way to let friends know that you had an excellent vacation; odds are, they won't even ask.