Cost – The cost of getting a tattoo has become increasingly expensive with an artist’s hourly rate in UK sitting somewhere between £50 and £100 per hour. If you have spent time finding a tattooist with artistic flair and competence then the costing will likely sit at the higher end of this bracket. A pair of tattoo tights however will cost just £10 whilst a Henna tattoo will cost roughly £30 or £40 per hour for larger pieces.

Pain – If you do not like injections you are not going to like a permanent tattoo that is applied using a hand-held machine that repeatedly punctures the skin to insert tiny drops of ink. The process is usually completed without the use of anaesthetics and might last for several hours.

Infections – If not properly cared for they can cause a skin infection, after all it is an open wound. You may also experience allergic reactions to the coloured dyes or in a few cases get infected with a blood borne disease. Diabetics and those with circulatory problems may want to avoid permanent tattooing as their condition can cause a them to not heal correctly. A non-skin-penetrating temporary tattoo such as patterned tights is a better option here.

Age – In the UK by law a person is required to be at least 18 years old and this is covered under the 1969 Tattooing of Minors Act.

Employment – There are many places were a tattoo can be placed so as to not cause issues with employers. This will however restrict your freedom to express yourself or confine you to wearing trousers and long length tops during work hours. Tattoo tights are a great option here as you can choose when and to what occasions you where them.

Removal – As a permanent branding of the skin tattoos are not easy to remove. Many people regret having one and for many reasons which include having an ex’s name in a tattoo’s design, choosing a symbol that has a mistaken meaning to it or poor quality artwork. Removing a tattoo with modern technology such as lasers is possible although it can involve 8 to 10 sessions that may need to be undertaken with the use of anaesthetics. A single laser treatment can cost £50 to £200 depending upon the size.

Fading – The fading of ink tattoos is a common problem that occurs to all them over time. The fine details will disappear first and your age, skin type and sun exposure will all play a part in how quick your tattoo will fade, but most will have faded within 15 years.

As you can see there are many reasons to avoid getting inked and if this article has made you think twice then maybe you should consider a non-skin-piercing product such as tattoo tights.

Tattoo Tights
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