These days almost everyone is getting a tattoo or already has one or several.  For some people, it's almost like an addiction. 

tattoo(112194)Credit: wikipediaWhat makes people get tattoos?  There are several reasons why.  For some people, it is an expression of their beliefs or how they feel.  My husband is sleeved.  His work is of the last supper, the betrayal, Jesus praying in the garden, the crucifixion, and the resurrection.  These are all extensions of his beliefs that he chose to show through art.  Some people choose to get tattoos in remembrance of someone special.  For them it can be part of the mourning process or give them a feeling of joy when they look at the tattoo and remember that person.  Some people just like art and choose things that they really like, even if it doesn't have a special meaning to them.

Television shows such as Miami Ink, Body Art, and LA Ink have also helped tattoos gain popularity.  The clothing brand, Ed Hardy  was also tattoo inspired and very popular including a line of cologne and perfume. 

Regardless of what your reasons are, the fact remains that tattoos have become fashionable.  It isn't how it used to be, when if you had a tattoo you were a convict or belonged to a biker gang.  Now it is more socially acceptable and they are everywhere you look.  It's about making a statement, a conversation starter, or a decoration if you will. 

Don't tread on meCredit: personal photo

Just remember when making the tattoo decision, that it is permanent.  A lot of thought about what you want and where you want it should be given.  Paying to have one removed later can be quite pricy, so its a choice you may be stuck with.  One thing to consider is your type of employment.  Some employers are still anti-tattoo, and either won't hire you or make you keep them covered up while working.  This is something to consider when deciding on location of your tattoo.  Some people believe that tattoos are a sin, yet others argue that the verse in Leviticus refers to the Levites and the common practice of that age of marking your body to worship the dead or idols.  Personally, I have several tattoos and do not feel convicted over them as this body is only temporary.  But that is something each person individually needs to decide.  If you feel it is against your faith, then you probably shouldn't do it.

sparrowCredit: selfMost importantly check out the health department score of the shop you are going to, their license or certificates, and ask to see examples of the artist's work.  These are all things that should be readily viewable in a respectable shop.  Be sure to get a quoted price for your tattoo.  If what you want is on the larger scale, ask if the artist has an hourly rate.  Sometimes larger pieces come out cheaper paying the artist by the hour, especially if he/she has done tattoos for a long time and is fast.  Make sure everything being used is new and properly sterilized.  Don't be afraid to ask questions!  And always follow directions for aftercare of your new tattoo.  There are various methods that people use today.  Some choose only to use soap and water and others use preparation H.  Personally I like H2Ocean because it moisturizes without feeling greasy and doesn't draw out the ink.  Ask your tattoo artist for advice on how to best care for your tattoo.