Bad Tattoo

As we mature, our perspective changes as we experience life from many different angles. Sometimes, the decisions we made in our overly zealous youth may come back to haunt us as we age. What may seem like a great idea when we're twenty years old may seem like a glaring mistake twenty years later. Some of these youthful decisions just live in our memory banks as important learning experiences that make us a better person. However, others have real consequences in our lives. In fact, some of these youthful decisions turn into life long regrets because of the negative consequences they have on our life. A tattoo can turn into just such a regret.

In our society, tattoos make a certain impression about a person. It may or may not be accurate but it is there nonetheless. No one could ever expect to get a job in a bank with a tattoo on their forearm, unless they wore long sleeves at all times. The same is true in almost any business setting. Tattoos are not usually accepted in a professional setting. Even in social settings, tattoos can bring on certain judgments about people that may not be true. Showing up at a parent teacher conference with a visible tattoo can give an impression that may not be the one you want to put forward, even if this impression is only subconscious by the teacher. It can become frustrating to those with a tattoo to constantly be automatically judged in a certain way by a large segment of society.
Tattoo Regret
Tattoos can also be very problematic when it comes to dating. Like smoking, a significant proportion of potential dates are repelled by tattoos. You can see this by looking at the comments at any online dating site. This is especially true for women. Even if hide your tattoo for several dates, it can be a moment of extreme trepidation when you finally reveal your tattoo. You dread the possibility that the person you've grown to really like, may be repelled with something that is now a permanent part of your body. Even if you warn him or her beforehand and they say it will be okay, you may worry about the actual moment when they actually view the tattoo for the first time. Nothing can be more deflating than a disappointed look from the person you've fallen in love with. Tattoos can be especially troubling if you got the tattoo for a former sweetheart. No one likes to be constantly reminded of their significant other's past love, especially one that inspired permanent body art!

At some point, many people with a tattoo get to the point in their life where they feel the tattoo(s) on their body simply doesn't represent who they really are. This is when they start looking into how to remove a tattoo. Remember, tattoos are designed to be permanent. The ink is injected into the dermis that is located beneath the outer layer of skin that we normally shed and regenerate.

One primary consideration for most people who want to remove a tattoo is the tattoo removal cost. This is why so many supposed tattoo removal creams are sold. They are far cheaper than laser removal of a tattoo and they don't sound like they'd be as painful, although the side effects of skin burns and rashes can be extensive, especially if these get infected. Some acid based tattoo removal creams can leave a really nasty scar on the skin. The bottom line is that tattoo removal creams never work like they say they will. At the very best, they may lighten a tattoo which can help make the tattoo less noticeable but it will still be there. 

After a long and painful personal journey, I have discovered that the only tattoo removal technique that seems to really work is laser removal. While creams can't penetrate the skin to remove the ink in the dermis layer without burning through the skin with acid, a laser beam can penetrate the outer skin layer without scaring it and break up the ink in the dermis layer below into small particles. Once this happens, the body can begin to absorb the ink. However, this does not work all at once in a single session! You have to keep going back for additional treatments until the tattoo is completely gone and this can get really expensive. My laser treatment tattoo removal cost was $140 per session for 12 sessions for a total financial cost of $1680. I doubt you'll find it much cheaper than this anywhere. Plus, insurance does not cover the cost because it is considered cosmetic surgery.

The tattoo removal cost can be quite significant, at least for the only tattoo removal technique that actually works. This involves a significant financial cost, a significant cost in time, and a significant cost in the pain involved. I won't lie to you. It can really hurt to get a tattoo removed, especially if the tattoo is large. Of course, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. The pain also varies depending on the type of skin you have. For example, removal of a tattoo from the chest region is supposed to hurt more than from the upper arm.

I hope this helps anyone looking into tattoo removal and the tattoo removal cost. Our personal reasons for doing so all vary of course but I'd like to think we can support each other in this endeavor.