Tattoo Removal Cream

People want to have their tattoos removed for a variety of reasons. Quite frequently, people seek tattoo removal because they no longer want to be saddled with something on their body that they now or know they will eventually come to regret. Those looking to remove tattoos often turn to tattoo removal cream to help, but does it work?

While you can easily find tattoo removal cream being touted online as a miracle solution, very little credible scientific evidence as to its effectiveness exists. A tattoo removal cream might fade the tattoo, but it probably will not remove it. You could end up with skin irritation or other side effects from the tattoo removal cream in addition to a tattoo that is still visible. Keep in mind that tattoos were created to be permanent. The ink was driven beneath the upper layer of the skin which makes complete removal extremely difficult. You are more likely better off by not attempting to remove a tattoo on your own. If you are interested in tattoo removal, consult with a doctor or dermatologist about the other tatto removal options that are available to you. Discuss possible outcomes and side effects so your expectations are realistic.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The most common tattoo removal treatment is laser removal. The laser targets the ink in the skin through pulses of extremely concentrated light which will begin to break down the ink into very small fragments that can be flushed out and eliminated by your immune system. Laser treatments are rarely done in a single session so you will likely have to return for more treatments to continue breaking down the ink in your skin. The problem is that the more treatments you have, the fainter the tattoo appears and the greater the side effects on your skin. Laser tattoo removal can cause blisters, scabs and scarring. While most experts in the field claim that the technology has progressed to the point where scarring is faint or does not occur, this varies and does not mean that you will not have any scars as a result of laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal can be extremely expensive and excruciatingly painful. Some patients claim that it feels like someone is splattering you with hot oil. Laser tattoo removal cost is highly variable depending on tattoo type and how large it is. You will need to keep in mind that it could take as little as 1 and up to 10 treatment sessions for complete tattoo removal. This can cost you anywhere from $250 to $850 each session. If you have a large, multi-colored tattoo that was done by a professional artist you could very well not be able to remove the tattoo entirely and the effort to remove it could cost you thousands of dollars.

IPL Tattoo Removal

IPL tattoo removal is an increasingly popular way of removing tattoos. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses high intensity light rather than laser light. An anesthetic gel is applied on the area that is going to be treated and then a light emitting wand is passed over the treatment area. Patients report that IPL tattoo removal is less painful and more effective than laser tattoo removal. Unfortunately, this procedure is also more expensive. If you have a complex tattoo, you could wind up spending a large chunk of money to complete the process so ask for an estimate if you are considering Intense Pulsed Light tattoo removal.

Other Tattoo Removal Methods

Laser removal quickly became the most preferred method for tattoo removal because other methods were not only ineffective but were extremely painful as well when compared to laser therapy. Dermabrasion is one such method. For this treatment the patient would have the top layer of skin removed by sanding it away. Exicision is another method of tattoo removal where the patient has the tattoo removed surgically from the skin and the resulting wound stiched closed. Both methods are damaging to the skin and severe scarring can often be the result. Both are still used today, but mostly when laser surgery has been ruled out as an option.

Tattoo Removal Cream is Not the Answer

Before you purchase a tattoo removal cream, talk to your doctor or dermatologist. There are alternative methods to remove tattoos that have proven effective. They may not be as simple or as wonderful sounding as tattoo removal cream, but you can be much more confident that you will get what you pay for.