GIrl with Tattoos on Arm

The tattoo removal business is growing right along with the currently popular tattoo business. The tattoo removal business is in its early stages. That's why the options currently available to the public are sure to grow. New discoveries are sure to be in our future.

Currently, tattoo removal creams give people an option that is within their financial means. Laser is one of the more expensive tattoo removal options and for some, the high price tag is more than they can afford. Until more competition floods the laser business, the current clinics are able to charge up to ten times more than the original tattoo work cost.

The tattoo removal cream business has also grown with many more products competing for their share of the tattoo removal business. You may recognize a couple of the more popular products. They advertise in tattoo magazines and can often be found at tattoo conventions pushing their product line. Two of the more popular tattoo removal creams are Wrecking Balm and Tat B Gone. Wrecking Balm recently announced that they will now be sold at Wal-mart.

The majority of creams are sold as home kits. This is another advantage people like about creams over laser or dermabrasion. No appointments or technician are necessary. No clinics or sterile hospitals. In the privacy of one's home, the treatments are self administered. No special skill needed. Most come in a 3 part kit consisting of a pretreatment, the core treatment, and something to help with the healing of the area. These kits are sold for different increments of time. Three month supply, six month supply, etc.

Rejuvi tattoo removal cream is an exception to the family of tattoo removal creams. It has to be administered by a trained professional. Often this occupation is filled by a tattoo artist with Rejuvi training. It is administered in the skin layers with a tattoo gun or similar instrument. The Rejuvi cream is added to the skin layer and then bonds with the tattoo ink under the skin. It then makes the body naturally work to remove the ink or foreign object. As the skin heals, the body rejects the ink which is then pushed up to the surface of the skin.

Besides economic reasons for the recent popularity of tattoo creams, the pain involved is much less than removing a tattoo by laser. Although everyone has a different threshold of pain, they say having your tattoo removed by laser is worse than getting the original tattoo. If you have been contemplating removing an unwanted piece of body art, research the current choice of tattoo creams currently on the market before you invest your money.