If you are one of those thousands maybe millions of people on the world that have a tattoo they regret this article may be of your interest. In this article i am going to discuss the possibilities of tattoo removal. There are a couple of ways to get rid of your tattoo: laser treatments, removal creams, a cover up tattoo, or wearing make up everyday.

For the more wealthier people among us tattoo laser removal is a good option. It probably is the best way to remove your tattoo but also the most pricy one. Next to being price a laser treatment is also the most painful method to remove your tat. People say it is twice the pain of getting the tattoo in the first place. How bigger the tattoo how more treatments you need and how higher your pain tolerance must be. This tattoo removal way can cost you thousands of dollars but also can deliver the best results.

One other option for tattoo removal is to cover it up with another tattoo. People that have a tattoo with the name of their ex lover tattood on their body often consider this option. You know how much it can cost you and the pain is no more than your first tattoo. You can advice your tattooer what colors and what size of tattoo is sufficient to cover up your old one.

A painless tattoo removal is covering your tattoo up with make up. This solution does not work because you see and regret the tattoo everyday when putting up the make up. While it looks for others you do not have a tattoo you are spending a lot of money buying make up to cover it up. This temporary solution can not make you happy on the long run.

The last option is to use a tattoo removal cream. Nowadays there are pretty decent tattoo removal creams on the market. They are affordable, safe and do the trick. These removal creams work in 3 steps; first the cream prepares the tattoo for treatment, the second phase is breaking down the ink and the final phase is fading down of the tattoo. You will see results after a couple of weeks.