If you will be visiting and want to get a tattoo while in Las Vegas you will have many tattoo shops too chose from. If you decide to get a tattoo on the strip you will generally pay bit mire than a similar tattoo shop that is located off of the strip.

If you decide to get a tattoo at a celebrity tattoo shop you can expect to pay a large premium. Many visitors to Las Vegas stay at one of the Strip hotels, so they want a tattoo shop that is located near their Las Vegas strip hotel.
Las Vegas Tattoo
The bus system is amazingly easy to use and navigate, so do not feel that you have to use a particular tattoo shop. If you have your heart set on a tattoo from a tattoo shop located on the Las Vegas Strip then you will have a large variety too choose from. Here is a sampling of some of the tattoo shops available on the Las Vegas Strip.

Many of these tattoo shops are technically not on the strip, but you can hit them with a stone if you are standing on the strip.

Vince Neil Ink
Some days you might see more people buying Vince Neil Ink T-shirts then tattoos, but the tattoos at Vince Neil Ink are top notch. You may be able to get a tattoo cheaper at another shop, but if you want a high quality tattoo then make sure you consider using one of the tattoo artists at Vince Neil Ink.

Vince Neil Ink is located inside of O'Sheas Casino.

Pair-A-Dice Tattoo
Pair-A-Dice Tattoo shop originally opened up in Las Vegas in 1996. If you want top notch artists that don't feel the need to follow current fashion trends then take a strong look at the Pair-A-Dice tattoo shop.

These guys don't follow trends, they create them. The Pair-A-Dice tattoo shop is located at 304 E. Sahara Ave

IronHorse Tattoo
IronHorse Tattoos, located at 700 E Naples Dr # 104, is a very popular tattoo shop in Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas visitors get their tattoos and piercing done at the IronHorse Tattoo shop.

IronHorse Tattoos has an amazing staff. You can select one of their stock images for your tattoo or have one of the artists' draw up a custom design for your tattoo.

Studio 21 Tattoo Shop
The Studio 21 Tattoo Shop makes it their mission to make each customer feel welcome. Studio 21 Tattoo is a very busy shop, so you may have to book an appointment ahead of time.

Studio 21 Tattoo Shop is located at 6020 West Flamingo Road, Unit B-2.

Lucky Cat Tattoo
Lucky Cat Tattoo has a few talented tattoo artists including Phil Skalecki and Jason Mattes.

Hart and Huntington
Hart and Huntington have a few locations around the Country, including Las Vegas. Hart and Huntington is the premium tattoo artists that command a celebrity price.

Hart and Huntington not only give tattoos, but also will remove them. Sabina Kelly is in the shop on Fridays and Saturdays to use the laser to begin the process of tattoo removal.

Hart and Huntington, Las Vegas, is locate inside of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Other Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas Nevada
There are many other tattoo parlors in Las Vegas. Some of them on the Strip and some are only a short ride away. Here is a list of some additional tattoo shops in Las Vegas you can check out. This is by no means a complete list of tattoo shops in the Las Vegas Area.

Tattoo Heaven
Tattoo Heaven is located on the Strip at 2310 Las Vegas Blvd South.

Pussycat Tattoos
Skin Factory Tattoo and Body Piercing- Skin Factory has two locations. One location is in Las Vegas and the other location is in nearby Henderson, Nevada.

  • Starlite Tattoo
  • SmokingAcesTattoo
  • Stay True Tattoo Parlor
As with tattoo parlors in any town, there are always horror stories that occur. Read online reviews and talk with the shop before hand. If you investigate properly you will have a good experience regardless of which tattoo shop you choose too do your tat.

When you get a tattoo make sure you give a generous tip to the tattoo artist. If you ever want an additional tattoo in the future from the same tattoo artist or shop the karma will more than pay for it's self. If you can not afford to tip your tattoo artist then you can afford to get a tattoo.

If you plan on getting your tattoo done while you are drunk, that is fine, as long as you already talked with the shop while you were sober. Pick out your design and pay for it while you are sober. Later when you get a good buzz on, head back and get your skin inked.

Las Vegas offers a huge variety of tattoo shops, each with their own vibe. If you go too check out a tattoo shop and do not feel comfortable in the environment then feel free to leave and go look at a few other tattoo shops.

If you simply want a touch up on an old tattoo or a piercing then these shops in Las Vegas can get that done for you too.

Getting a tattoo while visiting Las Vegas is a fun way to always remember that special trip to Las Vegas. If you get married while in Las Vegas, you can always get your wedding ring tatted on your ring finger. Nothing says forever like a ring that can not be removed. If you do get a divorce, head to Hart and Huntington to get your ring finger tattoo removed.

Just because you stay in a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip does not mean that you have to get your tattoo inked on by a shop that is on the Strip. Even if you do not have a car you can easily ride the city bus or taxi to the tattoo shop of your choosing. Image Credit: (Flickr/jonpoulson)