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So many people in the world believe that tattoos are very negative, in some situations tattoos are used to show ties to gangs and other bad things. Although there are people out there; including myself that use tattoos to express the trials of their lives. I have gotten tattoos to express very important events throughout my life. This is also what a lot of other people use tattoos for as well.
Tattoos have been found on mummy’s that are hundreds of years old. The have been used for identification purposes as well as status symbols. There were cultures that used tattoos as a rite of passage for the men of the tribe. The men in the tribe would have to endure tat-tau which is where many people believe the word tattoo came from. Tat-tau was the art of giving a tattoo with a piece of filed down bone that was tapped repeatedly on the skin to create the tattoo. These men would have to sit through the entire process without flinching before they were considered a man.
In the states years later the art of tattooing was primarily only seen in the outlaw and sailor communities. This is where tattoos negative perception came from. With fuel from the outlaw biker community as well as other people who wanted to live outside of the law, tattooing became viewed very negatively.
Fast forward a several years and tattooing is becoming a lot more common in the United States and society are not viewing tattoos in as negative a light has they used to.  So now on to the real question, should you get a tattoo? That will depend on what you are getting and why you are getting it.
It should go without saying but you should insure that what you are getting is going to be something you want to have on your body for the rest of your life. Tattoo removal is available to you but it is very expensive and as painful. The rule of thumb I use in my tattoos is I make sure that what I am getting is being put on my body because it is something that can never be changed.
My first tattoo was my adopted mothers initials on my back along with her date of birth and death. This is something I want to carry with me for the rest of my life. She is one of the main influences in my life and I carry that on the inside forever and now on the outside as well. This is basically the same with all of my other tattoos.
So here are a list of questions I would recommend asking myself before getting this tattoo.

So here are a list of questions I would recommend asking myself before getting this tattoo.

Am I ok with showing my mother this?
If you are not ok with showing your mother your tattoo how do you expect for the rest of the world to feel when they see it. Your mother will have to love you tomorrow after a very bad tattoo, society does not have this requirement.
Is this going to mean something to me 25 years down the road?
If you were not aware tattoos are not going to just go away so you should always think about this. Does the butterfly you got on your lower back mean the same today that it will when you are a grandmother.

Could this tattoo keep me from getting my dream job (or any job)?
This is a big one for high school and college students alike. Tattoos that can be seen when you are wearing your work clothes should be thought about for a long time. This includes forearm, neck, face, hand, and even lower leg. Some of these places would be covered in a normal work environment but if you had to head out on the golf course with a few clients or a boss you will need to think about the fact that you have your girlfriends name on your calf.

Why do I want this?
If the only reason you are getting a tattoo is because you think it will look cool, then you should probably reconsider. I am not saying that you shouldn’t love the way your tattoos look. There needs to at least be a base level of solid reasoning behind why you are getting the tattoo. Tattoos that people are happy with when they are older have a solid reason behind them.

Is there any why this could be viewed as a bad idea?
Even the strongest people can crack under what other people think. Not that any one person should judge anyone else but it is a cold hard fact that it happens. If you do not think it will happen to you then you are dead wrong. I get judged almost daily for my tattoos but a lot of the time I use this as a time to prove people wrong but there are days that it gets to be way too much. This should not be a reason not to get the tattoo but just a question that should not be forgotten.

I am sure none of these will truly stop you from getting your tattoo and I hope they do not. I am very passionate about my tattoos and you should be as well. These are some of the questions I ask myself every time i sit down in the chair. Make sure to post comments on your tattoo experiences below.