Do you ever hear stories about people who got a tattoo and then within a few days, they hated it? This is more common than you probably know and the reason a lot of people don’t think about the tattoo they are about to get or where they are going to get it. This is something I want to help you with because I know how important it is to get the right tattoo in the right spot.

The first thing that you need to understand is that a tattoo is pretty much permanent and because of that you need to get the perfect one the first time. Too many people think that if the tattoo is messed up then it can be fixed later and depending on how big or extravagant the tattoo is, it can’t be. Trust me, follow the advice that I give you below because at some point it will benefit you a great deal.

Tattoos You Should Avoid

Names – Something that I strongly believe is that a tattoo should never be a name of somebody that you don’t love unconditionally such as a child, parent, or brother/sister. The reason I say that you should avoid names is because most people get names of people they are dating, their current spouse, or sometimes a favorite athlete. Trust me, sometimes people are not always going to be your favorite and if your spouse were to leave you then what would happen?

Logos – If you have ever seen somebody with old logos then you know how dumb they look. The problem with logos is companies and teams change them so often that your tattoo will be outdated very quickly. What I recommend is that you get something else that will symbolize a team or company because at least that way it won’t look as outdated.

Faces – Do you plan on getting somebody’s face inked on your body? If you do then I would recommend that you review that. The reason you should not get a person’s face is because they hardly look like the person you are trying to get the tattoo of. If you want to do something then I would try to come up with another idea because as soon as the tattoo is on you can’t do anything to get rid of it (other than tattoo removal surgery).

What you need to understand is that tattoos need to be thought out. If you are going to get a tattoo then make sure you think about everything because sometimes the tattoo isn’t the problem, sometimes it is the place. If you ask me I would recommend that you get a shoulder tattoo because they look good and you can cover them up.