Think about a tattoo until there is no more room to think about it. Then it is time to go to the shop and get it forever inked on your body. I have three tattoos and each one I have thought about and considered longer and each one I love. They are all three years apart, and I regret nothing. 

What not to get tattooed on you?

Tribal. Yes, personally I abhor tribal tattooing. Boring bold lines filled in with black ink. Oh, the excitement there. But if you have your heart set on it, there are some thing I recommend. Don't get something small. Tribal should be large and intricate works of art like this: 

triCredit: google

Not bland like this:

tribalCredit: google


And, yes, it does help to have a nice body with that tattoo! ;)

Don't get tattooed a cliché. It is cliché for a reason. Google tattoos and whatever pops up the most DON'T GET IT! 

Location matters! 



Was this the woman who didn't know her face was getting tattooed? Somehow, I don't believe that. Tattoos are rad, but sadly some people agree and that means jobs won't allow them. Not exactly fair since it's your own body, but that is life. Face tattoos are just whack!

Avoid tattoos on the lower back (tramp stamps!), belly, butt, neck, fingers, hands, lips and eyeballs. Yes, you can tattoo your eyeball. Hands, fingers, and lip tattoos fade very easily because those parts of your body are used so often and in contact with various different substances. Consider the tattoo. Do you want people to see it, or is it more private? I personally love arm and thigh tattoos! 

Check out my latest tattoo! (Sorry it is sideways!)


tattooCredit: mine

I love my tattoo! The colors pop and the detail is amazing! At the end of the day as long as you love your tattoo, that is all that matters...

Unless it is disturbing, obscene, and/or disgusting, racist, sexist...ect. I just don't think that is a good idea.

uhCredit: google

Jesus wouldn't have gotten that tattoo! Though, sometimes it isn't even the idea that stinks, it is the artist. Which is why checking out a few different shops is the best thing to do! Just go in, or check out websites and see what they can do. If you don't have an "eye" for good tattoos, take someone along with you who can!

A lot of people are getting tattoos of wind catchers, leaves turning into birds, and infinity symbols. While those aren't terrible ideas, the fact that they are done so often makes them not as unquie. Make the tattoo yours by adding something to it, whether color or another element or a different style!