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Tattoos are meant to be inked on girls because the idea of tattooing for girls is very feminine as it is associated with sheer beauty. But in early days things were not the same. It used to be considered a rebellious idea and the wearer was not a woman of good character. Gradually it started taking its own place in respectable society. Credit goes to the female celebrities who has sported these tattoos on their bodies and encouraged others to paint. Now you can see tattooing has become a trend and there are thousands of sites that are waiting to help you with all the information and designs of tattoo.

 Some tattoo designs for girls

 Normally girls like small but trendy tattoos. This goes with their style and fashion. Small tattoos are considered to be delicate but certain large sized tattoos suit fine even on girls. Tattoos always carry some inner meaning and if you have knowledge of their meaning it feels wonderful. Here are some meaningful tattoos:

 Star tattoos: Painting stars on a girl’s body is a magnificent idea. This is associated with astronomy as well as kind of supernatural thoughts. The night sky full of luminous stars itself is a mystery. This tattoo has got much variety like the shooting star, the moon star, the nautical star and so on. It has all got astrological as well as mythological value.

 Flower Tattoo: These are very common but demanding idea of tattoos. As flower of any kind symbolizes nothing but beauty and delicacy it is highly popular among the girls. There are plenty of flower designs that comprise different colors and sizes. Among them rose is appreciated for love, sunflower for loyalty, daisies, orchids and so many others. 

 Tribal Tattoos: These types of tattoos are liked by men in general but some are even chosen by women also. As the name suggests these tattoos were created by tribes only later on modified to make an entry in the modern tattoo world. These are always related with some myth or religious stories. Celtic, Polynesian, Hawaiian are some of the famous tribal tattoos.

 Heart Tattoos: Since the heart is known as the love symbol worldwide this is obvious that girls who are madly in love or dating would definitely go for this tattoo. It can be painted in different inks to reveal the mood of the lover.

 Butterfly Tattoos: After flower butterfly tattoos are in the next position in demand. These tiny wonderful creatures of God not only signify beauty but also love. They can come with any color and design on earth. It can be drawn in any position like a flying butterfly or a nipping or perching butterfly.

 Angel Tattoos: Angel tattoos are not very preferred ones but liked by the girls. Angels are the personification of purity, truthfulness and wish fulfillment hence it is linked with spiritualism. Angels in white gown with wings are very common in picture.

 Locations for Getting Tattooed : Tattoo for girls

 Some of the preferred locations of getting tattooed on body parts are described below:

 Both men and women prefer to tattoo them on their back. The reason mostly is because this area of body is smooth for drawing and quite spacious for a large design like a large flowery tattoo or a big bird like hawk or vulture. Then the lower back comes where most of the girls think as sexy and cool idea of getting tattooed.

 The wrist is another place where tattoos are done because if needed it can be hided or

exposed. Any delicate tattoos can be painted here. Legs and ankles are the next mostly chosen places. These places are suitable for flowers with vines or creepers.

 Angels, stars or even big flowers can be drawn on the shoulders and arms area. Butterflies are the best suited tattoos in these areas.


The above mentioned options are just for your reference about tattoo for girls  as there is no strict rule for this. But before going to tattoo yourself go to any tattoo sites; find out a suitable design which goes well with your personality and style and then you are ready to venture in tattoo world. You can consider some more tattoos like Zodiac tattoos, Fairy tattoos etc.

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