Tax industry is booming! Though tax planning and preparation businesses have the stigma of being confusing and intimidating, there are still many who want to invest in this kind of business. Moreover, in starting up this kind of business, you don’t have to be a CPA to start an income tax office and you do not have to buy a franchise to offer refunds to get your new tax business off the ground. All you have to do is to make sure that your business model should fit your business and your goals. However, one of the biggest mistakes in putting up tax businesses is under-marketing. More important than any aspect of a business is the ability to gain and retain customers. Your marketing campaigns for your tax business don’t have to be expensive. With the vast promotional tools that you can use for your business, it is not hard to look for some that you can use to effectively to promote your tax business. And one way of creatively and successfully advertising your company is through tax postcards.

Postcards are proven and tested to be very effectual when it comes to creative advertising. They can very well promote your business professionally; thus creating a positive image and trustworthy identity of your company. So here are some tips to help you with your tax postcards for your business:

  • Design your postcards free of clutter and make it simple. It is a major challenge for a tax business to gain the trust of your prospective clients so make sure to win their trust by your postcard design. Avoid the use of distracting and irritating colors. Make your design corporate and formal by using simple images and graphics. Moreover, make your texts readable and easy to understand. Avoid the use of intricate, complicated fonts.
  • In postcard marketing for your tax planning and preparation business, you should deliver a personal message in an approachable, dependable and trustworthy tone to gain your customers’ trust. It is very essential to maintain a friendly and secure working relationship with your clients through your postcards.
  • Postcards are a very effective tool in branding materials. So take advantage of it by including your company logo, name, motto or tagline to your tax postcards. You can also include list of your services, terms and conditions and other minor seasonal offers such as discounts and special offers.