Taxi cab accidents are not uncommon and have resulted to deaths of drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. So, it would be wise for drivers to be more cautious especially if the lives of others lives are on their hands.

Taxi cab accidents

Here are the common accidents that taxi cabs are in danger of:

  • Roll over

  • Collision with a pedestrian

  • Collision with other vehicles

  • Collision with road fixtures

Liability in Accidents

Generally, the party who has committed an act of negligence will be held liable for his actions. If proven, these people will pay compensation to the injured and pay for the repairs of the damaged property.

Below are the common culprits who cause taxi cab accidents:

  • Cab Driver. Many noted cases involve taxi drivers who speed up and some of them ignore traffic signs. These traffic violations can cause accidents that would take away someone else's life. Cab drivers should be more careful and keep in mind that they will be held liable for any damage that results from the negligent operation of the vehicle.

  • Pedestrians. People should be more responsible in crossing the streets or walking alongside so that they would be an obstruction for motorists. They should only use crosswalks and never to step onto the street when there is an approaching vehicle.

  • Other Motorists. Drivers of other vehicles are burdened with the same responsibility as the cab driver. So, they should abide by all traffic rules and always keep in mind to avoid the things that could cause road accidents such as texting while driving and the like.

  • Vehicle Manufacturers. Parties responsible in making and selling the vehicles can be held accountable once it is proven that there is negligence on their part. Some accidents happen because of defective parts and inferior quality of the vehicle.

Injuries from Accidents

Though the terms for the injuries are the same, they still vary when it comes to the extent of the damage and the effects it would have to the victim.

Here are some of the injuries sustained in vehicle accidents:

  • Whiplash. Seatbelts prevents us from launching forward or being thrown out of the vehicle in collisions. However, the force that keeps us in our seats can damage neck and shoulder muscles. This minor injury, on the other hand, is much more acceptable than those which can have permanent effects to the victim.

  • Head and brain injury. In collisions, passengers and drivers often hit their heads on hard surfaces which cause damage to their brain and its functions. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle can also suffer these injuries which could cause memory loss, severe headaches, and sudden mood swings.

  • Spinal cord injury. This usually results to paralysis which prevents a person from doing crucial life activities. But, some paralyses are reversible if the patient is given proper treatment and medication.

  • Amputated limbs. Amputation of a limb has great effects to a person's life and his mobility. Some victims incur crushed hand and leg bones which the doctors need to amputate in order to save the victim's life.