The various Taxi cab companies in Las Vegas seem to always be hiring. Some of the taxi companies in Las Vegas seem to be easier to get hired on with then others but as with any job, if you take whatever driving job you are offered and work hard then you can either advance within the company or transfer to what you deem a better Las Vegas taxi cab company.

As a new Taxi Driver in Las Vegas you will probably have your weekends off. Weekends off is a lot of fun if you are new to Las Vegas but the weekend shifts in Las Vegas is the prime shift that all the Vegas cabbies want to work. The number of visitors and the amount of fares and tips you can earn tend to be much higher on weekends.

You will probable be working 12 hour shifts and spend a lot of time waiting for people who need a ride. If you work hard, learn to hustle, listen for advice from other long term cabbie drivers, and work hard then you can learn a lot about the roads of Las Vegas as well as increasing drastically the amount of tips and fares you earn.

There are a limited number of companies that operate Taxi cabs in Las Vegas. Taxi Cabs are licensed by the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority and they only allow so many cab companies to operate. The number of taxi cabs in Las Vegas though is huge.

The Nevada Taxi Cab Authority control the operation and licensing of taxis in Sin City. The taxi cab business in Las Vegas is unlike any other town. Cabbies work as employees of their respective cab company and are not allowed to "lease a cab". The taxi business is highly regulated. In Las Vegas the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority even has its own uniformed police authority to enforce the Taxi regulations that the cabbies must follow. For example, in Las Vegas a taxi can not stop to pick up a customer who is hailing them from the street. It must be an off street pick up and or an authoriz3ed pick up point such as a hotel casino.

In general a cab drive in Las Vegas will earn 40% of all the fare he collects and also tips. Tips are a huge part of the income. If you work a 12 hour shift and collect $200 in fare then your portion will be around $80.00. In addition to the $80.00 you earned you will also get tips. For some shifts the tips may be low and other shifts and days the tips can be extremely high. It is not uncommon for a driver to earn $100 or more in tips on a busy day with the right customers.

Some of the Taxi Cab Companies that seem to be always hiring in the Las Vegas Valley are:

  • Western Cab Company
  • Deluxe Taxicab Service
  • Desert Cab Company
  • Henderson Taxi Company
  • Lucky Cab
  • Nellis Cab Company
  • Whittlesea/Blue Cab Company
  • Yellow/Checker/Star Cab

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