Do it yourself squirrel mounting is not difficult, but it does require some special tools. The least complicated method to use for mounting squirrels is to purchase a squirrel mounting kit. These kits come with all necessary supplies to preserve the skin and mount the squirrel onto a piece of wood or other mounting block. Once you get all the necessary supplies, take your time while mounting the squirrel to achieve a realistic appearance and create a lasting model. 

Tools and Supplies

Squirrel skin

Dish soap

Hair dryer

Borax powder

Rubber gloves


Glass eyes

Cotton batting or foam squirrel form

Nylon thread


Straight pins

Mounting block

Fast-drying glue

Hammer and small nails (optional)

Basic Process


Wash the squirrel skin with dish soap and water. Dry the skin with a hair dryer before starting the mounting process.[119]

Put on rubber gloves. Rub the inside of the skin with borax powder to dry the hide and preserve it. Fill the eye and ear holes with taxidermy clay. Use the clay to position the ears into a natural position. Press a small glass eye into each eye hole. Allow the clay to dry before moving on to the next step. 

  Stuff the skin with cotton batting or use a foam squirrel form. If you choose to stuff the squirrel, you will need to use taxidermy wire to form a skeleton for the squirrel so that it can sit in a natural position. Sew the skin together along the stomach and legs using nylon thread.[121]

  Pin the squirrel to the mounting block in the desired position using straight pins. Add clay as necessary to help the squirrel stay in a natural position.

  Glue the squirrel’s feet into place with fast-drying glue to hold the squirrel onto the mount. You can also nail the feet in place. [120]

Tips and Tricks

Wash and dry the skin a few  days before fitting the squirrel on the form. This will help preserve the skin and avoid mold and rot problems that can occur if you wash and stuff the squirrel the same day. 

Purchase the squirrel mounting supplies in a kit from a taxidermy store. The kit will come with everything you need, and will also come with easy-to-follow instructions that will make the process even easier. If this is your first time mounting a squirrel, a kit can make the process much less intimidating.