r9 IronsCredit: Chris Voorberg

Occasional golfers are always looking to lower their scores on the course, and a good way to do that is by finding a good set of game improvement irons. I recently purchased a set of Taylormade r9 irons, which have been very well received by the amateur golf market since they were released in 2010. They boast a high rate of forgiveness allowing players who mis-strike the ball often to still hit fairly consistent shots. This is done through the use of Taylormade's unique inverted cone technology to expand the sweet spot on the club face. The steel version also come with KBS90 steel shafts, which make them feel lighter than other steel shafted irons.

Overview and Aesthetics

The set I purchased had the KBS steel shafts, and were comprised of a 4 through 9 iron, and both a Pitching and an Approach wedge. I really find the teardrop shaped club head a nice one to look at, and the black, red and chrome combination in the back cavity look very sharp. The soles of the clubs do not look overly fat, and straight color lines provide very little distraction when addressing the ball. The grips are not too hard or too soft, providing not only comfort, but feel as well.

How They Play

I'm a golfer that normally shoots around 105-110 on a par-72 course. After I purchased these irons I went to the driving range to get a feel for the distance they would play. Later that day I went out on the course and had a little bit of trouble judging club selection at the beginning. After a few holes I settled in on the distance, and discovered that they were hitting much longer than I thought they would. After I was comfortable, they played very nicely, and I developed a confidence that I didn't have to hit the ball perfectly to get a nice loft on the ball and consistent distance, finishing the round with a 99. I had very few miscues with these irons once I had played a few holes with them, and found that they were the strongest part of my game that day.

Worth the Pricetag?

The Taylormade r9 irons are a great set of irons that will definitely serve well to improve most golfers' game. If I had known they would take 5-10 strokes off my round, I would have upgraded from my old set of irons a long time ago. I was able to get them for approximately $600 CAD and I would contend that they are worth every penny if they are as durable as I'm hoping. I compared them with a set of Cobra s3 irons on the simulator when purchasing, and immediately favored the light weight of the KBS shafts. They both played similar distances and consistency, but the Cobra's were also listed at $100 more than the Taylormade irons. Needless to say I love these clubs and would recommend them to anyone in the market for game improvement irons.

r9 club faceCredit: Chris Voorbergr9 gripsCredit: Chris Voorberg