Good for your Health

There are plenty of widely known health benefits from drinking tea. The antioxidants can decrease the risk of many types of cancers, and experts believe that dying from heart disease is lessened by this life-giving beverage. The most helpful teas are white, oolong, green and black and they come from the Camellia sinensis plant whose leaves are packed with polyphenols. Let's face it, tea is the best next thing to the fountain of youth, so why not throw a party to celebrate these wonderful qualities? Yes, I'm asking you to get all Europeanized and bring out the crumpets and scones. But don't worry, I'll help you with invitations ideas so people will think you're seasoned at hosting these parties (especially if it's your first time). So invite your friends, invite the family, and heck, go ahead and invite the Guvnor (not Arnold) because these invitations will be statesman worthy.

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Invite Them to Wonder

If you're looking for a character or a mascot to induce a flood of tea thoughts to the minds of your guests, use that short and fashionably awkward character from Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter. You can use software to make your own uniquely designed invitations or find some to purchase. But there are plenty of online stores you can find Mad Hatter invitations while also having the ability to customize it with your own words. And you're not just limited to one character either, you can add quotes from the famous story to give your unique tea party some depth:

Mad Hatter
  • "Would you like a little more tea?"
  • "Clean cup, clean cup, move down"
  • "This is an unbirthday party"
  • "No wonder you're late. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow"
Queen of Hearts
  • "I warn you dear child, if I lose my temper, you'll lose your head. Understand?"
  • "Curtsy while you're thinking, it saves time"
  • "I'll ask the questions, do you play croquet?"
March Hare
  • "If you don't care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation!"
  • "Careful, she's stark ravin mad!"
  • "I have an excellent ideas, LET'S CHANGE THE SUBJECT."

You can word each of these so that they'll fit with an invitation. For instance, with the first quote from the Queen of Hearts, you can add that there will be dire consequences if they don't arrive at your tea party. Your guests will appreciate the fun and animated invitation, but also do what they can to ease your unpredictable temperament. And of course, don't forget to put valuable information like time, date and location so no can use the faulty watch excuse.


When creating a tea party invitation, you'll want to use pastel colors to give them a bright and springy look. And if you really want to get into arts and crafts mode, using a stencil in the shape of a tea pot to create your cards will let the guests know what your party's about without even opening the invitation. Add a bit more style by using patterned paper that you can find at any arts and craft store like Michaels. You could also use stamps with cute images like kittens or if your party has a beach theme, seashells. This gives it a more hand drawn look to it as opposed to it being printed from a computer.

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Always a Reason for Tea

Your tea party doesn't have to be limited to tea either, you can combine a housewarming party along with it to add more activities to your event. They can also be used for bridal showers, baby showers, and any party that requires a group of people sitting down and chatting for awhile. It'd be a good idea to include what food is being offered in the invitation to get people excited and hungry at the same time. Cookies, scones, sandwiches and other tea party related foods can be found on food network's website. The more detail you add, the quicker they start to drool! You might need a spit guard to go along with your invitation if you take pride in your artistic creation.

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