Using teapots for herbal teas allows your afternoon break to become an artistic showcase!

If you love herbal teas then getting a glass teapot with an infuser is one of the best ways to make a great cup.

You simply put the loose tea in the infuser and then add the boiling water.  When the tea reaches the right colour (darker the colour the stronger the tea) then you can remove the infuser and your tea is at the perfect strength.Primula Glass Stovetop Tea Pot with InfuserTeapots for Herbal TeasCredit: Amazon

But if you like to create a bit of an artistic showing, then you can add an herbal tea flower which is created from green tea leaves that have dried flowers sewn right into the ball of  leaves.  When the tea ball is placed in the bottom of your teapot it will begin to unfurl into a beautiful flower such as the one pictured.

This is an amazing display of colour and it adds a beautiful fragrance.  If you are serving this type of herbal brew, then you don’t want to use the infuser, you want to place this right in the bottom of the glass teapot to show it off.

That is why when using teapots for herbal teas it is best to have a removable infuser for occasions when you want the leaves or in this case the tea flower ball to show off in the main part of the this glass pot.

10 Blooming Flower Tea - 5 Jasmine and 5 Green

This glass tea pot has a beautiful shaped handle and is totally dishwasher safe and the glass stays perfectly clear even after many washings.

If you have anyone on your list that loves tea including herbal teas or loose leaf teas then this would make a perfect gift idea.  You could add different teas and some tea flower balls to the gift.Teapots for Herbal Teas - Flower Tea BallCredit: amazon

These tea flower balls which in my opinion are the ultimate in beauty and great tasting green tea can be purchased at many specialty tea shops and some health food stores, but they can also be purchased online at sites such as Amazon, as well as the beautiful tea pot.

Getting a glass teapot is a great way to show off the gorgeous colours that tea tends to give boiling water, colours that you don’t see in a regular teapot or mug.  If you are having friends over then you could brew green tea using the tea flower ball and watch the flower unfurl.

Tea has come a long way from the tea bags in the grocery store.  Why not give the loose leaf tea a try?  My grandmother swore by loose leaf, she always felt you lost some control in the making of tea when you used tea bags.

If you love the idea of loose leaf herbal teas but don’t like getting the leaves in your cup, then use the infuser and get the same great flavour. 

Shopping online is a great way to source out teapots for herbal teas, but really consider the glass ones when it comes to your next brew. 

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