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Drinking tea is wonderful in itself, but tea can also stimulate health, boost your energy, and calm the body into sleepy bliss. Where can you find a shop which sells this wonderful elixir? If you live in Vancouver, Washington you are never far away from where tea is served.

1. Mint Tea

This quaint shop is in downtown Vancouver and features an outdoor area for sipping on your favorite brew or an upstairs loft for simple dining. If you are taking your drink to go, then while waiting for the tea to brew you can browse the eclectic shop full of incense, essential oils and Asian inspired art.

2. Teavana

This shop has the best loose leaf tea available. There are always free samples to try and a bounty of loose leaf teas, diffusers, and mugs to enhance your experience. You can try as little as two ounces, and you may try one of the several natural sweeteners like German rock sugar. The staff may be a little pushy because they are on commission, but when you know what you want they will acquiesce.

3. Meadowlark Tea and Antiques

If you want a more formal experience, then Meadowlark will fit the bill nicely. You will need to call in advance and make a reservation to be guaranteed a seat. You will be served a selection of tea cakes and sandwiches with a steaming pot of brew. When you have finished your party then you may walk through shelves of dusty old books and gaze at antique jewelry. It is a one-of-a-kind occasion which is worth the reservation.

4. Fusion Bubble Tea

This shop is very fun and caters to a younger crowd of tea enthusiasts. What are the bubbles in the bubble tea? The bubbles are not carbonation, but fun tapioca pearls in the bottom of the ice tea. There are special large straws to suck up and enjoy the tapioca treat while you sip the delicious liquid. The atmosphere is very relaxed and features local art for sale on their walls. They also have a stage for hosting poetry readings and bands from time to time.

5. Di Tazza

This is one of my favorite destinations for vanilla chai. The shop caters to those who also love Italian food and pastries. If you are dining in your drink is served in large mugs, which can be enjoyed while sitting on a couch or while typing at a table. Free wi-fi is a bonus to this shop along with the cheerful attitude of the staff and owner.

6. Teas of the World

Before visiting this shop, I was only familiar with American and English varieties of tea. Teas of the World opened my eyes to Dutch, Turkish , and a host of global blends to try. Among the different teas are the customary cakes, biscuits, and foods that accompany the service from the specific country from which they come. It’s a lovely way to broaden the senses and educate the palate on an international scale.

7. Revive Espresso and Tea LLC

There are few shops, which will cater events, but Revive Espresso and Tea LLC is just such a place. Your guests list must include at least one hundred, but the menu this shop offers will have people scrambling to be a lucky participant in your party. The tea is highly recommended and since there are three locations it is easy to find a shop or drive-through within a comfortable distance.

8. Dutch Bros.

The first word to describe this drive-through shop is groovy. Their creed is, “Be positive and love life.” This creed is plain to see in the happy outlook of the workers, the wonderful color scheme of the business, and the line which never seems to shorten. It’s a treat to get a warm drink and a laugh from someone who loves their job.

9. Peet’s Coffee and Tea

I found this shop one day as I was looking for some tea to take along with me on a walk by the river. It’s usually a small stand inside a grocery store, but the vibe is like a small shop. They gave me a reward's card so on my tenth fill, I will have earned a free cup. The workers are quick and knowledgeable about the different blends they sell, so I was able to try a new cup of tea, and it was excellent.

10. Brewed Awakenings

This is a quick drive-through experience, but serves my drink preference very well. I decided to give the shop a try simply because of the clever name. I wasn’t disappointed, I love rich, dark, black teas that give me a jolt of energy. The spicy blend did just that, and I was on my way in a jiffy.

11. Starbucks

Starbucks is mainly known for its coffee blends and not its tea. Every year for Christmas, my boss would give me a five dollar gift card for Starbucks which I would re-gift to my brother-in-law. I was under the impression that coffee was the only option at the chain store until I decided to investigate further. I was delighted with the variety of blends I could try, chai, mint, and black were available for me to enjoy. The atmosphere can be crowded and noisy, but free wi-fi and a quick and delicious warm beverage, give me the willpower to brave the crowd.

12. Latte Da

As the name of this shop implies it is definitely more of a coffee shop rather than a tea shop, but the ambiance is so welcoming and supportive of local artists. The options for tea are essentially hot or cold, but it tastes amazing and the constant change in entertainment is why I keep going back.

It is easy to find a tea server who serves your needs, calm and proper to loud and playful. The next time you are in Vancouver, Washington try one or more of these wonderful tea servers. Where do you like to drink tea?