Melaleuca Alternifolia

100 Tea Tree Oil for Making Tea Tree Face Wash at Home

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is made from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. It is pressed from the leaves into tea tree oil. Whether it is tea tree foot cream, face wash, or shampoo, tea tree oil products top the list for handling certain conditions. Tea tree oil often gets confused with green tea or tea oil. Make sure to read the label and look for tea tree oil products. Typically, a wash or other tree oil product, clearly says tea tree oil along with Melaleuca or Melaleuca Alternifolia in parenthesis. Tea tree oil is a long recognized product in Australia and has been used effectively to fight bacteria, fungus, or as an antiseptic. There is an increasing amount of tea tree oil products on the market. This is both because manufacturers realize tea tree oil products produce great benefits and because it's a catch phrase ingredient. Tea tree oil deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, suppositories, pure essential oil, skin treatments, acne face washes, and other beauty and health care items use tea tree oil. Melaleuca Alternifolia is an excellent antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, disinfectant, fungicide, germicide, and even a mild anesthetic.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Products using tea tree oil are usually antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptics. Although there is some debate in the U.S. because tea tree oil has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (which means that tea tree oil is considered a natural remedy or product), tea tree oil products do work. Tea tree oil toiletries are sold around the world. The Melaleuca tree discovery is credited to British explorer Captain Cook where it was regularly used by the Australian Army. Tea tree oil products stack up well against their competitors. For example, an acne face wash using tea tree oil has been shown to be just as effective as an acne wash using Benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient most used in acne prevention face washes and creams. Facial cleansers, shampoo, toothpaste, and many others products have added tea tree oil to make them more effective and to use the "tea tree oil" name to sell. Tea tree oil products are preferred by many consumers, especially those trying to live a more natural and chemical free lifestyle. If you are using 100% tea tree oil and diluting it as a face wash then there is little worry about the other harsh chemicals that can be more damaging than good.

How to Dilute 100% Tea Tree Oil to Make Tea Tree Oil Products at Home

If you want to make your own tea tree oil products, like face wash and shampoo, then you need to buy the bottle of 100% tea tree oil, an essential oil. Do not use it at 100% strength. Tea tree oil lasts a long time. To use tea tree oil at home you must dilute it otherwise it can cause redness and skin irritation. More is not better when using tea tree oil. As an essential oil it comes in a small bottle of pure 100% tea tree oil. The bottle of 100% tea tree oil can be used to make several tea tree oil shampoos, face washes, lotions, foot soaks, and other tea tree products, if it is used correctly. Diluting tea tree oil is very important. The percentage of dilution depends on what you are making. For example, a tea tree oil acne treatment the solution needs to be very diluted because it's being applied to the face. The average 100% tea tree oil comes in a one ounce bottle, which equals approximately 600 drops. Make sure to convert tea tree oil solutions. For example, 6 drops out of the 600 drop (30ml bottle) equals 1%. An average dilution for tea tree oil is 15 drops to an ounce of water or oil (the carrier for the tea tree oil). The 15 drops equals 2.5%.

You can add drops of the 100% tea tree oil to many of your current skin care products and foot care products. For example, you can make a tea tree oil foot soak by adding couple of drops of tea tree oil into hot water. Tea tree oil aromatherapy is very strong smelling. Tea tree oil products make great personal grooming gifts. Tea tree oil products help heal and cleanse the skin.

Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

A really good combination is tea tree oil and lavender oil. You can usually buy small bottles of this at a health food store, such as Super Supplements. Dessert Essences makes good tea tree oil products, from tea tree oil deodorant to lotions. They also make a small bottle of 100% tea tree oil and lavender that costs around $10 per bottle. This might seem a lot for a small bottle, but it lasts a long time, is multipurpose, and is 100% tea tree oil and 100% lavender oil. Using tea tree oil as a facial cleanser is an acne treatment that rivals traditional facial cleansers in the store, those that use Benzoyl Peroxide. Tea tree oil facial wash or a tea tree oil facial cleanser is a phenomenal face wash. It can be used by anyone who wants to either clear up their face from current breakouts or by someone wanting to prevent acne breakouts, and then, of course, tea tree oil facial cleanser can be used for both. Another great tea tree oil product is tea tree oil cream. They have facial cremes that can be applied daily instead of, or in addition to, your daily moisturizer.

Organic Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Some consumers of tea tree oil like to use tea tree oil shampoo. Paul Mitchell has launched an entire line of Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo, tea tree oil styling gel, and other tea tree oil hair care products. The only problem with Paul Mitchell tea tree hair care products is that they are not organic. Some folks like them anyhow, but non-organic shampoo uses harsh chemicals. The organic tea tree shampoo hair care products are better and brands include Giovanni, Organix, and Jason. Shampoo and other Jason tea tree oil products are a good, cheap and affordable. You can make your own natural shampoo at home by buying the soap product and then adding the right amount of 100% tea tree oil. Just remember to follow proper dilution instructions to prevent any problems with tea tree oil. It's a very strong product which is one reason it's so effective.

There are many types of tea tree oil products. Whether you want to prevent acne with tea tree oil facial cleansers or use it for something else like tea tree oil soap or tea tree foot spray for Athlete's foot, it's a good choice. Tea tree oil products work great and make awesome gifts. If you trying to find a unique gift idea that will be used, make a tea tree oil skin care product basket. Men and women can use tea tree oil products equally. The tea tree facial lotions are actually really good gifts for boys because they help prevent acne. Tea tree oil can be used as a after shave for men, too. There are so many uses for it that buying tea tree oil is never a waste of money.

This article is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or otherwise offer medical advice in place of a doctor. If you have questions you should always ask your doctor first.