Even in these tough economic times, there is no shortage of jobs teaching English as a foreign language (ESL, TEFL). The demand for TEFL teachers worldwide is insatiable and getting qualified is easier than you may think. Some employers require both a degree and a TEFL certificate but many, perhaps most, will employ teachers with no degree as long as they have a TEFL certificate. Many colleges providing English teaching will put applicants through a 3 or 4 day full time course on site to get certified and then employ them. You can also do the course entirely online to obtain the certificate. I did it over 2 months at a cost of £160 (about $200). I expected the course to be a cakewalk, but it was surprisingly quite challenging and fun.

Even in English speaking countries such as England or U.S.A. there are plenty of opportunities for work in this field, in colleges or in industry. Many factories provide English lessons for their immigrant workers. These may be the best paying TEFL jobs. If you want to travel and live abroad, this is a great way to smooth your path. Often you will get help with accomodation and immigration procedures. Foreign countries will always be more receptive to foreigners coming in to ready secured work, especially as the value of knowing English is well understood. China treats English teachers very well and Prague in the Czech Republic employs several hundred English teachers every year. There is a free 400 page guide to teaching and living in China, here: http://middlekingdomlife.com/guide/

Teaching online from your own home is possible but this does introduce more factors to think about. If you tout for students yourself, you will also have to deal with setting and collecting fees and all the difficulties that arise therefrom. There are agencies that might take care of these details and make teaching online a practical proposition. For more on this and a great deal of other information, try this site: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/.

You can also advertise your services online. An English lady obtained the certificate then invited enquiries from prospective employers online. She got 80 replies from Poland alone.

Google terms such as: story English teaching abroad, to find interesting and informative tales from people who have worked in this field. The premier resource for TEFL teachers and people considering becoming TEFL teachers is www.tefl.com. Here you will find a treasure trove of imformation.