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Nick Jr. Take Care of Baby

This is a very ingenious babysitting game. You can choose between Baby Bill, Baby Dora, Baby Oswald and baby Blue for your baby. Your chosen character will be the baby that you will take care of. These different characters will show different emotions from which you will choose which action can soothe them. There are different tools that you can use in pacifying the babies like a music box, bottle of milk, blanket, rattle or stuffed toy. The different characters will choose which items they will use.

 Cute Baby Nursery

For this game, you will be assigned in the nursery where you will be taking care of a cute baby. You will be moving the baby from the crib to the changing table where you get to change her diaper. After this, you will bring her back to the crib for her sleep. Once awaken, the baby should be moved to the high chair for eating. Then move her back to the crib to get a nap and take some mild. The game continues by taking the baby to the floor for playing with her rattle. Once this routine is finished, another baby will be moving into the nursery and you get to repeat the routine you have done with the first baby. The challenge starts when both babies will need your attention. The aim of this game is to move fast and make sure that both babies are satisfied with your pampering.

Dora’s Playtime with the Twins

With this game, you get to help Dora in taking care of her little brother and sister. You will be hearing Dora giving instructions even before the start of the game. You can also play the practice session first to prepare you for the real game. The game is about babysitting the twins and making Dora give toys like ball or rattle to make them stop from crying.

The Ultimate Babysitter

This is another babysitting game for kids to enjoy. This game will start by giving the instructions to the player. You ought to follow every instruction given by the game. The game starts with feeding the baby. You will be the one to prepare the food and feed the baby. You will also get to change the diaper of baby by going to the bathroom and throw the used diaper. With this game, the child playing it will learn how to go around different rooms in order to take care of the baby. They will also learn to follow instructions to get positive results.

Let’s Babysit Baby Krissy

For this game, you will be babysitting Baby Krissy, Barbie’s younger sister. You will be asked to enter your name at the start of the game. Then you will get a thank you message from Barbie for helping her take care of her baby sister. You get to dress up Baby Krissy with the different clothing inside her closet. You will be given three sets of wardrobe, which includes shoes and hair dress. You also get to help Baby Krissy with her bathing time. You need to prepare her cloth with soap for her face and then shampoo her hair. Next step will be going to the supermarket with Baby Krissy to buy her food. You get to choose which foods to take by selecting among those in the supermarket shelves. Once babysitting is done successfully, you will be given a certificate of achievement. The best thing about this game is that the certificate has your name on it and can be printed.

The points that one gets from games like these will show how well a child learns from instructions. The higher points one gets means the higher level of comprehension a child has. You can repeat the game if the child does not achieve high ratings. These games are used to improve knowledge and skills for the kids.

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