Teacher gifts under $10 dollars. The weather is getting warmer and the end of the school year is just around the corner. The kids are wanting to get their favorite teacher a gift, so what do you get? Your budget is tight, but you want to do something right?

You can get teacher gifts under $10 dollars, and if you get creative these will be treasured gifts your teacher will keep for a long time to come. Treats are nice, but they get eaten, and flowers are nice but they die. So it is good to get creative and think of something that your favorite teacher will treasure and remember for years to come.

If you can get together with other parents, so that you can create one great gift for the teacher to remember the class by, rather than over load the teacher with tons of gifts, this would be a good idea.

Here is a list of teacher gifts under $10 dollars to give you some ideas:

1. Purchase a canvas tote bag and have all the kids sign it with permanent marker. They could put little notes or happy faces to go with their name.

2. Have all the kids write a note or a poem and put it in a binder, or a small folder that can also be decorated. You can put each page in a plastic page protector, so they will stay clean.

3. If you do any scrap booking, you can create a scrapbook and include the kids pictures and any class trips. See if the other parents can find things to put in the scrapbook. This is a great way to remember the school year. Sometimes the school will have pictures of events and you can take a photo copy of these to help fill your scrap book.

4. Collage. You can create a collage out of photo copied photographs and and fill a board and then put it in a frame.

5. Have the kids draw their best picture, and then take to a local printer. They can scan them and put them onto calendars. Or you can do this yourself with some of the desktop publishing programs out there. So every time they change the month, their could be two drawings on there to remind the teacher of the students.

Hopefully the above five tips have given you some ideas for teacher gifts under $10 dollars. It is easy to just run to the store and buy something off the shelf, but will the teacher remember the kids with this gift a few years down the road?

So if you are trying to find teacher gifts under $10 dollars in the stores, then maybe rethink this idea, and come up with something more personal and creative. You can expand on any of the ideas above, and come up with some great memory gifts.

If your child really liked their teacher this year, and they went that extra mile to help the students, and you just can't afford anything, a simple thank you card will go a long way too. Acknowledge the hard work your teacher did with your child and the other children in the class, by thanking them in person.