One of the most important aspects of a student teacher relationship is respect. A student should respect his teacher. Students should have a high esteem for teachers. A teacher is not someone who just lends education; he is someone who shapes your life and gives it a direction, which is why it is important for you to respect your teacher. When you respect your teacher, the teacher also feels a special bond with you and puts in additional effort to help you succeed in life. Along with respect also comes the willingness to listen to the teacher and follow his instructions. However, trends these days have changed and students do not blindly respect their teachers like the bygone days. So, as a teacher, if you want to gain the trust of your students, you need to give them a reason to accept you with respect. Strong intellectual knowledge about the subject and good soft skills such as sensitivity, care and concern, good communication skills, ability to understand the psychology of the student are different aspects that let a student develop respect towards his teacher. In other words, respect does not come naturally for the present generation of students. A teacher has to make an initiative and command respect. Demanding respect does not work.


The second thread that binds students and teachers is the bond of trust. A student should feel secure enough to share his problems and fears with the teacher and the teacher should keep up the trust by keeping the best interests of the student in mind. Teachers should also maintain confidentiality about students and should not discuss student problems with others unless there is a need to. It takes a bit of time to gain trust and is more difficult to gain than respect. It is important for the teacher to be consistent in his approach so that students can trust him. Altering behavior can also lead a student to become suspicious about the teacher. A teacher who changes his behavior does not command trust. The keyword here is consistency. Trust is a natural follower.


The third quality that strengthens the bond between teachers and students is the bond of commitment. This should come from both the sides. Teachers should be committed in their teaching and students should be committed to their learning. When teachers and students can strike a balance in this regard, they can share a perfect relationship. The bond between students and teachers takes time to strengthen. You are not taught about these strengthening tips in teachers college. This is something that has to be developed and cherished. Further, it is also important for a teacher to be a continuous student so that he can keep learning new things and keep teaching them to students. True commitment to education is what makes a teacher great. If you cherish the ambition to be a teacher, you need to be aware of your commitment towards the cause. Education is a service and not a money making means. So, a teacher should change his mindset and dedicate himself towards his teaching, thereby working towards the betterment of the student community.