How to Teach Children English

Teaching children to speak English

Are you trying to teach children English in a classroom setting or even at home? Here are some ways you can inspire a child to learn more and help them become more responsive. Teaching children English can be fun and exciting if you know how to do it.

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Teaching children needs to be fun and thrilling and it is important that they remain engrossed and active throughout in order to retain the information that they are being taught. Here are some effective learning tips to use with children to teach them English.

  1. Children have a very limited attention span. This is why it is better to make use of short activities and learning routines.
  2. Make use of learning activities instead of boring texts in order to make the child gain more knowledge. When playing learning games the children are just being active and they don’t even realize that they have learnt something.
  3. You can make everything into a game that the child can respond to. Make sure the games have to do with multiple senses like hearing, seeing, touching and smelling.
  4. You as a teacher will also need to have a positive and playful attitude in order to help a child respond to you. Children will respond to a fun attitude and they will enjoy the learning process if you are a fun teacher.
  5. A lot of kids actually love repeating new sounds that they have just heard. This is a good way to incorporate new words into their memory. Make them repeat the sounds after you so they can learn the ‘foreign’ word.
  6. Use music, songs and rhymes as much as possible. This way the child is able to take in more than they would through a written text.
  7. Make reading fun by giving voice to the characters in a story book and making it a funny and active reading session.
  8. The minute you become monotonous and boring the children will begin to get bored themselves and they will not respond.
  9. It is important to have a positive attitude when teaching children. You have to leave your grievances aside and for a minute just become a child with the children – with new hopes and a positive outlook on life.
  10. Music can also help enhance the energy level in the classroom because children do respond to it well. Any time you feel like the children are getting bored and less excited, bring in some music!
  11. There are many study aids available for children of all ages from various online websites. You can get everything from teaching ideas for vocabulary building to games that help children learn grammar. You can also get a huge variety of computer games that can help a child learn in a fun and relaxing way.Teaching Children English


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You have to be very involved in the learning process when it comes to helping children learn. You cannot get away with being negative and depressed because children will not respond well to negative teachers. You have to make the learning process fun and exciting with the help of learning activities and visual aids.

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