How to Teach Children Math

Teach Maths to children

Being a good teacher isn't just about having the right type of qualification. You need to be inspiring enough in order for the child to understand what they are being taught. Some children may have more trouble at math than others and there are some tips on teaching children maths that you should know about.

What Causes Problems in Math Learning?

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The basic reason why some children have a problem with a particular subject is that they are unable to comprehend how interesting that subject can be. To some kids math may seem boring and unnatural and they end up despising it for the same reason.

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This is why in order to help them get a better understanding of math you need to show them how interesting math can be. The easiest way to do this is to give them interesting toys like the abacus and ask them to do their counting on that. You can also make use of other paraphernalia like marbles and balls in order to give them the right concepts.

How to Teach Children Math

Here is how to teach children math when they are not good at it or they are unable to concentrate on it.

  1. The first thing you need to do is make them understand that math is part of our daily life. From baking a specific number of cookies to counting the amount of eggs left in the fridge, make counting and math interesting for them.
  2. Break the concept down into simpler things and make sure the child understand the basic concepts before going further. A lot of children have not properly grasped the math concepts from last year and that is the main reason they struggle with the new maths concepts.
  3. Identify the problem areas. Some children may have problems with counting properly while others may find problems with division and multiplication. Identify the problem area and then try to solve that problem.
  4. Make them understand how to break down one big complex problem into several smaller and simpler ones. Many children are afraid of the suddenly complex sounding math problems and may feel that they are unable to do something of that caliber.
  5. Encourage them with a treat or something when they perform well. This will keep them interested and they will feel positive about doing a good job.
  6. Help your child feel excited about learning math by making study time fun. You can do this with the help of props or you can also give them small treats while they are studying.
  7. You also have to be fun and positive in order to make the child understand that study time isn’t just boring and dull and full of negativity. You should not rebuke the child or constantly look frustrated at their inability to understand. You need to be patient.


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In order to make a child understanding why math learning isn’t all that bad, you need to be patient and understanding. Teaching children maths is all about making learning fun and something that they look forward to every time rather than study time becoming a time that they end up hating.

How to teach children Maths