We should take every opportunity we can to teach our children to honor and respect our country.

The 4th of July is a "spectacular" opportunity to teach the fundamentals of patriotism.

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During the 4th of July holiday you have the opportunity to attend numerous celebrations and events that affords you the chance to teach your children about the founding of the United States of America.  

Before the holiday, take the time to teach your children the history of July4, 1776 and the Declaration of Independence.  Watch a movie that highlights the Founding Fathers and the sacrifices of the early patriots.  Teach them about each of the Founding Fathers and how they were instrumental in writing the Declaration of Independence.  Don't take this famous document for granted.  It's important they realize how much thought and preparation was put into the drafts of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson.

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You need to teach your children why the Thirteen Colonies wanted to declare their independence from England.  There are so many historic events that can be talked about.  You can even re-enact some the events from history.

Teach your children to love the American flag and those who have sacrificed their lives for this country.  As a family, attend an early morning American flag raising ceremony on the 4th of July that might be held in your community.  Contact your local American Legion Post or the Veterans of Foreign Wars as they will often sponsor a flag raising.  Many times this is held at a local cemetary.  Take some small American flags and have the children decorate the graves of servicemen who have passed away.

Often they will have a 4th of July breakfast after the flag raising.  Stay and support these gentlemen who have served our country.  This will give your children a chance to hear stories from soldiers who have been overseas and served during wartime.

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Do a little research on your ancestors and find out if you have any servicemen that have given their life for this United States of America during the time of war and if possible, visit their grave sites.  Teach your children about the sacrifice of someone you personally know that has done was killed in action.  Ask a member of the Armed Services to visit with your children and tell them about their love for this country.

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Teach your children to alway show respect when they see a person who is serving our country.  Tell them that it is always appropriate to thank someone who is wearing a uniform for their service. 

Teach your children to show their patriotism by honoring and showing respect for the American flag.  Fly the American flag on the 4th of July in front of your home.  Show your children how to handle and fold the American flag properly.  Have a place of honor to store the flag in your home. Make sure they understand that the Stars and Stripes represent more than just a piece of fabric.  Explain the history of the early flags.

Teach your children the proper etiquette when the American flag is presented.  Make sure they know how to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing our national anthem the Star Spangled Banner.  Show even the small ones how to show respect by standing and placing their hand on their heart. Explain how they must always remove caps or hats from their head during the Presentation of the Colors and during the singing of the national anthem. 

Visit a museum or local monument that honors those who have served our country. 

Enjoy listening to patriotic music throughout the 4th of July.  Celebrate while playing John Philip Sousa's famous patriotic marches. 


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Wear a lot of red, white and blue!  Teach your children to wear these colors with pride and to be proud of the country they represent. 

Attend community 4th of July parades, picnics, and firework displays.  This will expose your children to all of the patriotic people who love the United States of America. 

Spend the 4th of July teaching your children to show their patriotism by being proud of their country and what it represents by your own actions.