How to Teach Children Science

Teaching Children Science

Are you trying to find out the best ways of teaching children science? Here are some important things you need to incorporate in your teaching style and children will definitely respond to that. All children have the ability to learn - the teaching routine has to be right.

Why Children Are Unresponsive to Learning?


Most children are very unresponsive when it comes to classroom learning because they find it boring and dull. The minute something becomes boring and dull child loses their concentration and they will get distracted. Some children get more distracted than others and it is difficult to keep them interested.


When a child is unresponsive you just need to spice up the learning process a little. Also make sure that if you have children with attention deficit disorders you need to give them special attention and get special learning aids for them.

Tips for Teaching Children Science

  • You need to ensure the kids stay interested in learning by making use of interesting activities that makes them feel like they are being active. They will not even think about getting bored.
  • Teachers and parents need to have an understanding and positive attitude with the children, especially while teaching. If you are frustrated or agitated the child realizes that and they get agitated too.
  • Children will not respond if they feel that the study time is full of frustration and boredom. You need to make study time exciting in order for the children to respond well to the teaching methods.
  • Science is an interesting subject and you should make the child develop and interest in it. Help them understand how science is important in real life and how many inventions could not have been made without it.
  • Any every day question can become a science leaning experience. For instance when a child asks you what the moon is like or why the stars are so bright? From cooking questions to questions related to the environment, everything can be turned into a science revelation.
  • You can also make children get involved with science by making them get out in nature and collect favorite objects like rocks, leaves or flowers. Of course the difficulty level of the activity should also be determined according to the child’s age. If an activity is too easy or too difficult, you risk having the child lose interest.
  • Astronomy is a very interesting field of science and it is something a lot of children actually enjoy learning about. Make things seem like a story and pique their interest by taking trips to the nearby planetarium. The children are sure to stay engrossed.


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You have to be very playful and fun when it comes to helping children learn Science. You can also help teach children science by taking up fun activities that are interesting for the child and that help develop an interest in science. Take them to a field activity like a planetarium or go to the country to conduct a star gazing experience. Creativity is the key when teaching kids anything.

Teach Children Science at School