Children learn by examples and a big challenge many parents face is getting them to sleep alone in their kids cot. As babies they see, smell and feel the environment around them and using sensations, they determine the favorable situation and adapt to it. However as they grow up, they start watching their surroundings and the people, their habit, communication and interactions and imitate the same and learn. One of the most important factors is to ensure that we provide them with a very safe, sunny and friendly room and kids cot or toddler bed which makes them feel safe and secure. A baby grows up to be a happy child if his eating and sleeping habits are proper and builds both autonomy and self esteem. If they sleep well, rest assured their development will benefit and such children are likely to be more peaceful, calm and attentive with a smile and happy disposition.

As the children grow up and start walking, you will find that their eyes keep following the mother. They follow each and every action of what they see and imitate. They try to repeat the same actions that they have seen. Smart parents observe this and use this habit to teach the children to cultivate the correct learning habits. This learning and teaching begins with the child's room. It pays to give attention to the child's room layout and the placement of cot, table etc. If you make it a regular habit of cleaning the child's bed and dusting all the toys and things in the room, your toddler will keep watching you with curiosity. Make it a habit to put away things in proper place and neatly arrange the toys and books etc. He will pick up this habit of maintaining his room neat and tidy as he grows up.

Toddler beds or kids cots are safer for young children because they are size appropriate. Having less furniture in the room will give children a lot of space to play. Their toys need a place to be spread around. So while you design the layout, ensure you leave a huge space for his activities. The less amount of furniture in the room will help you maintain a minimalistic arrangement with more space for learning and playing, while it makes for a safer place for children to play.