How to Teach Children to Ski

Teach Children to Ski

Are you teaching children to ski and need more information on how to do this in a professional way? Do you have the necessary eligibility requirements and qualifications that one needs in order to become a ski teacher? How old should children be in order to be eligible for ski training?

Best Age for Teaching Children to Ski

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A lot of people wonder what the best age for children to begin learning to ski is. Well the right age for ski training in children is when they are around four or five years of age. A child of four or five has the right amount of body mass and strength which can help them avoid falling.

Children younger than that would not be good candidates for ski lessons. At this age they also have amazing motor skills as well as learning skills. The rather developed social skills of the child will also come into play because they will feel less threatened in going away with the ski instructor.

Teaching Children to Ski

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Teaching children to ski requires a lot of patience from your child and you have to learn not to be easily frustrated. Pushing the child will just rush them and nothing will come out of the endeavor. In order for the child to enjoy the skiing and learn the ropes you have to make sure you them both time and space.

If you make the skiing look like a chore to them, they will never bother to learn because they will feel pushed and pressured. In order to learn well, the child has to look at skiing as a game or fun sport – that is the only way to keep them interested. So just concentrate on them having fun rather than their ski technique.

There are also many teaching aids available for helping children learn to ski. These teaching aids actually help a child get proper balance and movement for their own safety. You should try out these teaching aids but don’t make it boring and dull for the kid.

Become a Ski Instructor

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If you think you are good at teaching children to ski, you can also become a ski instructor. The first thing you will need is to apply for a ski instructor license in your area. To get the license though you might have to complete a course in ski teaching.

It doesn’t take long for such a course to complete and there are a variety of courses available of different lengths. If you only do the basic course of less than a week though, you may not be able to get a license because you will only have learned the basics of traditional downhill skiing and safety instructions.



You can become a better ski instructor if you enjoy this activity and if you have fun with kids and you understand how to be patient with them. Children of four to five years of age are perfect for ski lessons because their bodies are agile enough and strong enough to withstand falls.