How To Become a Guitar Teacher

Before you go into the field of guitar teaching you need to know a few things. Teaching the guitar isn't for every player and you need a special skill set to teach well. First of all you must be a great player and know the basics of all styles of music from blues to country and everything else in between. You must also have the most important aspect of being a great music teacher and that is the gift of patience. It can be difficult to teach others and if you don't have the patience to sit with your student and help them progress you won't go very far. You can't allow yourself to get anrgy since everone will learn how to play the guitar at a different pace than you might have. There are several methods you can use to get into the teaching business and begin to make money as a guitar teacher.

Teaching From Home

The easiest way to get started as a guitar teacher is to teach from home since you don't need any formal training. Youc na advertising in your local newspaper and put up flyers around your town or city.  You probably already know some guitar player friends so ask if they know anyone who wants to take lessons. You can spread your business by word of mouth at any local events you go to. If you play at any local bares or clubs let the people there know that you teach on the side, you might get some signups right away if you are a popular player at the club. 

Teach Guitar at a Music School

You can make a better income as a guitar teacher by going to a music school and asking if they need any new teachers. This method will require you to have some formal music courses since most music schools just won't hire you if you don't have the paperwork. Ask the school what they are looking for in a teacher and then you can go and take the required courses. If you are lucky you can get into a school without formal training but this doesn't happen very often. At the bare minimum you should have some type of music theory training before you even apply to work at a music school. If you are in a band and have music published this might help you get a job even if you don't have any courses.

How To Teach Guitar

Before you begin you should make sure you know the basics of all music styles since this will allow you to get more students. If you just want to teach rock guitar make sure you advertise this fact. It's a good idea to begin by just teaching beginners if you work from home so you can get a feel for teaching. Make sure you teach all the basics to each student and incorporate songs that they want to learn. For teenagers you can get them to write out songs they want to learn and each week you can add another song to their repertoire.

Other Guitar Teaching Options

Consider blogging sample lessons, doing YouTube videos, and opening up a guitar lesson website to enhance your teaching career. Using the Internet as a tool to further your guitar teaching career can open up more doors for you and bring more money into your pocket. There are many successful guitar teachers who just write YouTube vidoes and make money from the advertising in their lessons. You can make money as a guitar teacher if you are willing to put in the work and help your students become great guitar players.