When you are starting out making money online there is just so much information out there its hard to know where to start - maybe you should start with a professional looking package such as Teaching Sells a program developed by Brian Clark of copyblogger fame? Well this review of Teaching Sells looks at why you should avoid these professional-looking programs are a very good thing to avoid!

Teaching Sells is currently in the pre-sales phase - you can't yet enrol - that will be sometime in September nor has Brian Clark actually how much this version of Teaching Sells will actually cost. I know when the first version of Teaching Sell was promoted back in 2007 the cost was $97 - my guess is that it will be a lot more this time - the most recent price I have found is that the February version of Teaching Sells cost participants $970 - not sure how long you got access for that price.

You can however check out what Teaching Sells - by signing up for their 23-page classy free e-book - a well-disguised sales pitch. (Google it - I am not wasting a link on them!). When I first saw this in 2007 I wasn't sure what was wrong with it but I felt uncomfortable with the concept that I would be able to pass myself off as an expert and charge people for my perceived wisdom. In fact Teaching Sells turned me off making money online for a quite a while until I found some legitimate experts.

What is Teaching Sells?

Teaching Sells is a very, very slick marketing operation - in fact if you want to learn how to push peoples buttons and make them react to their instinctive buttons of fear and need to be part of a group, and in the process ensure that they sign up to make you money i.e. copywriting; then I genuinely suggest that study their sales materials closely.

Teaching Sells does it workTeaching Sells basically suggest that any one can make unlimited amounts of money online by finding the right niche - setting up a course - which is really just a forum with some videos and some ebooks thrown in - and then promoting it to people who will happily pay month after month for access to this font of all knowledge i.e. you.

Teaching Sells - Will It Make You Money?

Well it works - Brian Clark has been flogging variations of Teaching Sells since 2007 and his A-list blogger mates are all over it - presumably the affiliate income is quite attractive to. So Teaching sells does make money - for those who run it. For the rest of us - not so much.

Basically the premise of Teaching Sells is that rather than buying or writing an e-book and giving it away or even selling it - you can make a whole lot more money by instead repurposing all that boring text into a fun interactive program i.e. a forum with some videos thrown in for fun.

Oh and Brian Clark doesn't really understand much about SEO so he's not keen on using Google for free traffic to your site - instead he has a secret which he is yet to share with me on his pre-sales list - probably involves either PPC (about as easy to not lose money with as forex dealing!) or possibly joint ventures. In fact they mention that promising students may even get to work with Brian!

Do yourself a favour and avoid Teaching Sells - as you may have got the idea in this review I really don't like it. Instead check out some other online business models or even how to develop niche websites which will develop you a passive income. Avoid Teaching Sells and similar programs - they won't make you rich - just others!