Teaching things to your baby early is definitely a great thing. Whether it is sign language, a foreign language or even math, you can teach it to your baby. Many people may tell you differently so be prepared. It is important to read up on the myths so you can understand why they may think that way.

Many people will tell you that babies can't learn math because their brains are still developing. They are partially correct. Their brains are indeed still developing however, they are still able to learn math at an early age. While your child won't be able to do full equations, he will certainly be able to recognize each number.

Some may also tell you that you are making your baby's life boring for him. They are absolutely wrong. Just because you are learning, doesn't mean that you can't have fun. Babies enjoy counting as they pick up each fruit snack. They also enjoy the compliments that they receive when they do something right. Math lessons for your baby can be fun.

If someone tells you that you aren't good at math so you can't teach it, don't listen to them. This is a myth. You are not teaching your baby algebra or geometry, just simple counting. If you can count, you can teach it to your baby. You do not have to be good at something to encourage your baby.

Many will disagree with you trying to make your baby learn math because it cuts into his playing time. You can make math into a game by creating games. Instead of playing without any structure, you are bonding with him creating a structural setting. All you need is 5 minutes a day to spend time doing math with your baby. Most likely your baby plays most of the day, so 5 minutes is hardly a fraction of it.

Don't let people tell you that the television is a babysitter if you decide to teach your baby on a television. There are so many educational videos out there that allow your baby to learn. For an example, putting 5 toys on the screen and displaying the number underneath is one of the easiest ways to get your baby's attention during a math lesson.

Some parents simply do not want to teach their baby math because they don't want their child to be too far ahead. They may feel that some kids make fun of their own child because they are smart. It is important not to feel this way. It is a great advantage for your child to get ahead in life.

It is important to know the golden rule when trying to teach your baby math. This is, only teach your baby when he wants to learn. If your baby is too preoccupied with another toy, wait to have your lesson until later. He will definitely not care about the lesson which will cause frustrations for the both of you. It is important to make learning fun and not to treat it as a punishment.

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