In recent years, there is a huge increase in the number of home-schooled kids as parents believe that this will be much more beneficial to their children. This was shown by the increasing statistics of people home-schooling their children, including MediaCorp artistes. [MediaCorp – TV Channel in Singapore]

But some parents find that teaching at home may not be as easy as they think it would be, being deprived of so many tools that are otherwise available in schools. But parents now need not fret with the emergence of more and more web 2.0 tools. These tools help to make learning interactive, which is what the Singapore Government is trying to actively encourage. Learning should be in a fun and interactive way and not simply memorizing facts from the textbook which is probably what your next-door neighbor is doing. So for parents who are just starting or deciding to home school your children, here are a few tips that you may need!

(1) Read up on books that give you help in providing home schooling for your own child! This will give you an overview of what you need to do and probably the factor affecting your decision if you want to home school your child. Do understand that it will be very taxing but it has it benefits as well. Just like many other things, it is a double edge sword. IF you believe this will be the best for your child, go ahead!

(2) Home schooling does not mean you are having school at home! Home schooling does not mean sitting on your desk and listening to your mother rattles away on subjects instead of your teaching. The emphasis is on home, meaning own time own schedule. It can start in the afternoon, end at night and this schedule can change everyday depending on what you want and like! But do finish the relevant topics and do not fall behind schools!

(3) The main purpose of home schooling is because parents want to provide the child with something that can best fit their learning style. So do understand what kind of learner your child is and what can sustain his attention the best! If he is good in biology, give him time to wander around the garden, catching some insects and maybe looking at them through the microscope! This is one type of interactive learning!

(4) As like in schools, ask your child to set targets for himself when he's doing papers from schools. This will allow him to work towards his goals which are very important in providing motivation for the kid!

(5) Use interactive tools to teach them, which I will be elaborating below!

Prominent Web 2.0 tools and one very good programme will be the one offered by KooBits. KooBits allow you to make e-cards, e-posters, brochures, decals and photo montage with ease and all these can be done to aid learning as some students are visual learners. By using these cool and nice templates offered by KooBits, children will be more attracted to it and learning is also made much, much easier. Not only so, it is also user friendly and time consuming. Teaching a child at home requires a lot of time and by using this particular program, you can save time on figuring out how to use it and produce quality work in double the time!

Of course, there are other programmes out there that can serve these functions as well. Example will be Prezi. It allows interactive Presentations to be made, and parents can create a topic by topic presentation, to give children a recap of the topic or overview of it.

Lastly, know the reason behind why you are homeschooling your child and weigh the benefits and its advantages carefully. This decision will affect your child's live! So please do take it seriously, and I hope all the best for you!